Roguelike port?


@VonBednar add the skull made by @adekto and flip it horizontally and place it on the left side. I wouldn’t add more stuff or worry about coffins at this time.


OK, try that will need to work for time being. Just twaked the text, didn’t have time to do anything good with it.


Our page is soon ready


This it ?


Yeah! That’s the final tweak for now!


Looks awesome!

Just played the game with music. It is much better with the music! :smiley:

Also, I just thought of an idea. It would be cool if we had a lot of “furniture” for the dungeon. Things like bookshelves, closets etc. Player can rummage through those in search for gold/valuables. This way we encourage exploring the dungeon more and it works with our taxman thing. Because why this fantasy taxation officer cannot be also a repo man :smiley:

I feel like we can also make a repoman / reaper jokes :smiley:

edit: Also, skeletons in the closet!

Anyway, I will stop rumbling, let’s upload!


@VonBednar is full of new (good) ideas. Repoman, Enter Sandman, please say the word…


Not public yet


The jokes will just write themselves :smiley: I will start a design doc later today or tomorrow, so we can coordinate post jam. I think Discworld-like comedy roguelike could actually be super fun!

@jonne - do you want me to make you a wider mockup for the background so it is not repeating?


I have bad news for Linux players. it is either no music or no Linux version. I can’t kill the segfault

Edit: or i can, but running out of time


How about no music on Linux?


Then there is no problem


So let’s make win version with music, linux version without :slight_smile:


See here how the bg graphics are not really tiling nicely on the page.


I agree with @VonBednar


What we can do is to add a magenta border around the text part , so we don’t have the black touching bg and I can make a tileable mockup dungeon, just give me the width you need :slight_smile:


@jonne, what’s your call on this? I know you have the artistic eyes and can work out a good solution for this. @VonBednar suggestion works for me.


I will drop the bg. No time


Sounds wise at this time.


You guys all rock. I’m proud of you all. Even though I didn’t contribute as much as I would’ve liked to, I’m gunna continue to help for the post jam version. I’m sure the releif of not having a deadline will give me more patients. Awesome job piecing it together before the deadline. There’s an hour left! Virtual fist bump to the entire “Pokitteam” :smiley: