Retro Systems you'd like to own


1.Atari Falcon 030 (rare as unicorn,supercool dsp sound)

2.Amiga 600 (cutest homecomputer design ever made, tiny beauty but still powerful)

3.MSX Turbo-R (those Konami games,rare as seeing real extraterresterials)


The problem with the Amiga 600, is that quite a lot of software needed to use the nonexistent number pad.


But you can put into A600 Vampire :slight_smile: turbocard.And flash EmuTOS rom and you will have super fast Atari ST :).See youtube…


I just bought an IBM PS/2 (a 286) with an IBM monitor, a rare-as-unicorns Make-It 486 Cyrix486slc turbo module and ISA soundcard @ 90€

I think the seller does not know how much those things go for on ebay nowadays. If I find the right mouse and keyb for it its easily worth 400$


I always thought those had no isa slots ? So where does the isa soundcard go ? :smile:


IBM caved to pressure. PS/1 and PS/2 systems have 1-2 ISA slots depending on model

And guess whats visible in the pictures? Yep, 2 VLSI chips ( @Matej !) . All this time and I never knew.


Old picture, but still :

Vectrex on top, left. I have several games + screens for it



You play all of those retro systems on a flat screen tv? Shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Must admit that I am a bit jealous of that nice collection :slight_smile: Also of the mancave!


I have a small crt tv and a amiga screen just for the looks and the lightgun games.


Thanks :blush:


As for Amiga 600, the one I really want is this one:

When I had the 500 a friend of mine had the black 600 and at the time it was the coolest computer I have ever seen (it was also the first black computer I had ever seen, so there might be a correlation there).

I am not sure how wide-spread the black a600 was, but I have never seen one in the wild since.


Woo! Just picked this up, waiting for it to warm to room temperature before turning on (to avoid condensed humidity damages)

IBM PS/2 model 30 286 with Cyrix 486slc turbo, MCGA monitor, Soundblaster and Keytronic mechanical keyboard.Not bad for 90€!!!


Nice, it even has the plastic keyboard cover :grin:


And Elite!


Just that keyboard cost 400euro.Beautiful setup!


Interesting observation: DOS games in a dos emulator was “boring” and lasted 5 min max.

Now same dos games on real hardware has the kids hooked (especially Commander Keen).

Is there something that captures the imagination better when you have tangible real hardware?


Commander Keen ! :scream:


One friend from Czech have made Commander Keen on ATmega.He was main developer.I have made some brainstorming, logo…The platform name was RetroWiz (
I am sad that doesnt catched so popularity as Arduboy,Uzebox.There was amazing spritemaker tool, midi tracker…


Here is how Retrowiz looklike.It is arduino mini PC.With ps/keyboard,vga,sdcard…But project was stopped.