[Request] Castleboy Port (Castlevania clone on Arduboy)


@Pharap I recently read that you have a plan to keep this alive! That would actually be amazing if you could pull it off. I thought this was a for sure goner. I actually haven’t played anything on my Pokitto since I got it. Castleboy was my big inspiration. I look forward to hearing anything about this project!

Best Regards :slight_smile:


I never (completely) forgot about this. It’s been a long time and it’s been at the back of my mind, but I always intended to try to resurrect it at some point.

While you’re waiting for the voting to finish, grab a copy of Noughts & Crosses to keep you occupied.
Or maybe Polar Parcel.


You should also check out Abbay des morts (imho).

Also, sorry that I could not work on this but I think it is above my skill level…


It’s not the desired endgame, but it’s a start:


Awesome! This is fantastic stuff!