[Request] Castleboy Port (Castlevania clone on Arduboy)


First, I wanted to say thanks. I got my shipping notice a few days ago. It will be coming to Japan so I’m guessing that’ll be a week at least.

Any chance of getting something testable by then?

@TokyoBatman : first succesful run of a Pokitto port of CastleBoy. I was also trying out the scaling options.

The player sprite is missing because I need to fix one of the functions.

But it runs, do not worry.


@jonne That’s awesome news! My Pokitto is on its way to me soon. Very much looking forward to this. Hopefully the coloring works out. Thanks again for your effort!

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Any news on this one, yet?

@Zockeromi I’m also really excited to see how this comes out. As of now, the graphics have been colored. There is a working black and white version.

@jonne Have you had any luck with scaling and/or getting the colors working?


No, I’ve been kinda busy lately… :frowning:


@jonne Totally understand! I just got the Pokitto put together with the kid. Very fun times. If the black and white version is playable, would you consider releasing it? And when there’s more time, the color…


Just checking in on this. Hoping it’s not dead. @jonne


I’m thinking we should look for someone specific to work on this.
@jonne is very busy running the show to make sure the Pokitto has a future.

I can’t currently do the porting because I’ve got other things clogging up my project backlog. (But again, I would be free to make suggestions and give advice.)

I’ve just had a thought about someone who might be available to/want to work on this as the programmer though.

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@Pharap and @jonne, that sounds like a good plan! Anything to keep this alive would be awesome!

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Yes, @pharap is right about the future part. As a matter of fact today I was supplying some teachers with Pokittos. We are prepping a curriculum together for next autumn.

I hope to be able to free myself to more coding and documentation in the near future.


As suggested by @Pharap, I would be interested in trying to port this game. However, I tried yesterday to ‘port’ the hello world example but I could not even get the arduino library compiling… So I would need help from more experienced programmers to get started…

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@sbmrgd I wish I could help in this area.

This game is one of the reasons I got a pokitto.

With my limited skill, I colorized all of the graphics. So that is complete.

@jonne got a working black and white version running.

At this point, having that playing would be awesome. Would you be up for taking over his work to finish the black and white version?

Much thanks for the interest! :slight_smile:


For the record, if the project goes ahead, I’d still be willing to offer advice and fix bugs from time to time.


I am still interested in this but as I mentioned before, I cannot get started with this… and as a result of this I have started working on another game:

As I am getting at least somewhere with this last project, I am mainly focussing on this for the moment…

Recently @jonne has been making an automatic conversion tool for gamebuino games, maybe at some point he will make something similar for arduboy games…


@Pharap I recently read that you have a plan to keep this alive! That would actually be amazing if you could pull it off. I thought this was a for sure goner. I actually haven’t played anything on my Pokitto since I got it. Castleboy was my big inspiration. I look forward to hearing anything about this project!

Best Regards :slight_smile:


I never (completely) forgot about this. It’s been a long time and it’s been at the back of my mind, but I always intended to try to resurrect it at some point.

While you’re waiting for the voting to finish, grab a copy of Noughts & Crosses to keep you occupied.
Or maybe Polar Parcel.


You should also check out Abbay des morts (imho).

Also, sorry that I could not work on this but I think it is above my skill level…

It’s not the desired endgame, but it’s a start:

Awesome! This is fantastic stuff!

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