[REQUEST] 3D engines

I just came across the freescape engine
One of the eurly polygon like game engine running on zx spectrum, commodore 64 and others.
This looks really cool and hardware wise it should be possible. Note this isnt raycasting like doom/wolfenstien but poligonal 3d


We’ve come to discuss this in my thread here:

Here is an existing engine that could possibly be ported:

So if anyone feels like it, I guess you could try just replacing the SDL calls with Pokitto API calls and see if it runs :slight_smile:

that seems a bit much in terms of procesing for the little m0 chip

but i found something that can run on an arduino so idk

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LOVED the games made with Freescape :slight_smile:
Driller was amazing, Dark Side was brilliant and Total Eclipse was :slight_smile:

If it was possible on a Speccy it must be possible on Pokitto :wink:




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