Release notes of the Online Pokitto Python Editor


Here will be the release notes of each version of the Online Pokitto Python Editor at

[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

The online Pokitto Python Editor release, v0.3, 26-March-2019

  • Sound effect support added

    • Audio files can be added by just dragging and dropping an audio file to the code editor (!)
    • Playing is very simple too. There is a new example “Sound Effect” to show that.
    • Note that the Pokitto emulator cannot play audio. You must have a real Pokitto HW to be able to hear the audio.
  • Tilemap class updated

    • Added the get_tile_id() and get_tile_ids() methods for getting the tile you are over. Handy for e.g. making some tiles blocking your way.
    • The “Tilemap” example was updated
  • Fixed: time_us() was renamed to time_ms()

  • Fixed: The “Frambuf” module was obsolete and removed. Remove any “import framebuf” lines from your code.

The Pokitto Python wiki and the reference was updated with the details of these changes.

[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

The online Pokitto Python Editor release, v0.3, 23rd of April, 2019

Find the editor here:

New features

  • Bitmap mirroring
    You can draw the bitmap mirrored horizontally or vertically, with (practically) no performance penalty. That also saves the ROM memory as you do not have to make bitmaps of these positions. Look at the Surface.blit() method (and other new methods) in the reference: [Wiki] Pokitto gaming API for Python, reference (uPyGame and umachine)
    Mirrored horizontally:
    Mirrored vertically:

  • Drawing primitives
    There are now basic drawing primitives implemented to the new “draw” module in uPyGame:
    draw.rect(),, draw.line(), draw.pixel(), draw.text(), draw.set_foreground_color(), draw.set_background_color(), draw.set_transparent_color()
    The new example in the online editor demonstrates the usage: “Graphics Primitives”.

  • Music streaming from SD
    This is a new exiting feature! You can put the music files in the SD card and start playing them in your python game :slight_smile: It is still under development in the editor, but the first version can be already used in HW. There is a new method for this purpose: play_from_sd(). The music is mixed with the sound effects, so you can use them simultaneously. The limitation is that it is working only in HW, but you can still make a rom image with the online editor. The music files should be in raw, mono, 8-bit, 8 kHz format (e.g. Audacity and probably ffmpeg also can convert to that format).

  • Here is a music streaming example: (1.9 KB)
    Make a rom image and flash it to Pokitto. In addition, put these files to the root of your Pokitto’s SD card:
    “scary.snd” by Tyops, . Licensed under CC-BY 3.0,
    “intro44.snd” by Tristan Lohengrin, . Licensed under CC-BY 3.0,