[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Welcome @chame, nice to have you here.

If you have questions, I’m sure the whole community will be happy to help.


@chame? このチャメカンですか?


Quick feature request, not sure how doable the second part would be but…

  1. any chance of a grid when editing pixels? It would make drawing a little easier :slight_smile:

  2. would it be possible to resize the image array with the mouse? Maybe have a ‘grip’ on the right and bottom so we could just drag those edges in or out to add more pixels?


I don’t have real Pokitto yet, but MicroPython looks interesting.


Hi Chame, just came from the warehouse. Shipping yours tomorrow :sunglasses:




It seems the editor needs cookies to function.

The behaviour with cookies disabled is really strange:
I press i and I get i,
then I press m and I get iim,
then I press p and I get iimimp,
then I press o and I get iimimpimpo,
et cetera.

Also, does micropython for the Pokitto support type hints?


Not exactly cookies, but it needs local storage. That’s what it uses to backup your code, since there is no cloud storage. I’ll make backups optional.


Firefox must use cookies as its ‘local storage’ method then.

Is there no math module?


Unfortunately not.


It seems I can’t use sqrt in that case, so I can’t get the magnitude of a vector.
Or sin or cos for that matter, so I can’t create a vector facing a specific angle.

I’m having trouble with using decimal numbers.
If I try to do e.g. print(0.15) then the game won’t compile (the play button doesn’t even grey out) and I don’t get any error message.

(There’s also no enum module, but that’s minor.)


cropping.py (912 Bytes)

I guess something wrong with “screen.blit” function on right edge of the screen.


I have noticed the same behaviour.
Btw your game looks great!


Floats are not supported, so I guess that explains why you cannot use any of the functions you mention.


Well that puts a dampener on my submission plans…


Constraints stimulate creativity.


No sin cos sqrt?

Real men use lookup tables :cowboy_hat_face:


In that case, let’s make the next competition “entries must be written in assembly”.

(Of course, real programmers use butterflies.)

It would require fixed points as well as lookup tables.
Been there, done that, wrote the library - it’s not very fun.


This all I know ofcourse.

You misquoted me btw, you left out the smiley in the cowboy hat. It wasn’t there for nothing :wink:


Was it something to do with cowboy programming?