[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


FEATURE UPDATE: Python Editor now contains the support for tilemaps:

  • “Tilemap” is now one of the ready-made examples in Python Editor: pyinsky.herokuapp.com
  • You can use the integrated pixel editor to draw the tilemap :slight_smile: It works exactly like drawing a bitmap or sprite, but for tilemap each pixel means one tile. You can freely choose which color of a pixel you use to represent a particular tile.
  • There can be many simultaneous tilemaps. That is handy for creating parallax scrolling layers. However, a tilemap cannot contain transparent pixels.
  • The tilemap can be arbitrary size and position.
  • The tiles can be arbitrary size (the width must be divisible by two as with all bitmaps in mode 2).
  • It is very easy to use. The tilemap API contains total 3 methods, Tilemap(), set_tile() and draw(), which are explained here: [Wiki] Pokitto gaming API for Python reference (uPyGame and umachine)
  • It is very, very fast! :+1::+1::+1: Based on @FManga 's excellent Tilemap engine.

The tilemap:
The tiles:
image image image
The hero:

The game:

Here is the video of the tilemap in action. Note that the FPS is over 80 (!).

(Graphics by Lanea Zimmerman, https://opengameart.org/content/tiny-16-basic. Licensed under CC-BY 3.0.)


I’ve been playing with the editor a bit last week and I’m really enjoying it. Using python and pygame makes for a nice experience making games

What I’m wondering is how the games performance in the editor will compare to how it will run on the actual pokitto? I dont own one yet, so I cant test it on the proper hardware. Is there a suggested max size for the .bin files or anything like that?


The real HW is much faster. You can get close to the real HW speed if you use the standalone version of the Pokitto emulator here: https://github.com/felipemanga/PokittoEmu/releases/download/v0.0.6/PokittoEmu-windows.zip
Short instructions:

  • Unzip to your local drive
  • Copy the game binary (“build.bin”) to the same folder as the emulator under the name: “file.bin”
  • Start PokittoEmu.exe


There are 256 kb of ROM in the HW.


The hardware also has the loader in ROM, so you don’t have all 256kb free. I don’t remember how much we actually have available.


I’ve been sticking to about 200kb for safety.


@Hanski can you add the link to the github project https://github.com/felipemanga/PyInSky
Expecially for the issue section?


@fmanga Is it ok for you if I add to the top post a link to the github issues page for reporting bugs and feature requests?




I think this is ready…
SourceCode (31.7 KB)
Noggin.bin (145.0 KB)
inGame titleScreen


Great! Added to the list.


Added to the top post.


I don’t think I could ever consider a game finished but I would like to enter my first ever playable game for Pokitto! I call it Angry Space Toast.
github with todo list.
AngrySpaceToast.zip (97.8 KB)
AngSpcTst.bin (140.0 KB)


Just a simple avoidance game where you’re objective is to not get clobbered by the angry space toast. You have a shield, but it can only take so much buttery angst. Once that is depleted you have minimal health remaining before you’re toast.
A is the button to start the round. Movement is with D-pad but thrust is either UP or A. No other controls yet.

Edit: Now with stars! (and better commented code!)
Edit2: Nicer looking title screen.
Edit3: No more immortal off-screen bug. UI fixed for Best score.
Edit4: Best wasn’t being updated appropriately


I have an update to my entry, I’d like for it to replace my entry in post #2. Thanks.

Noggin.bin (147.9 KB)
Noggin.zip (36.3 KB) - Source, first line includes permission to use the titlescreen font.

01 02

03 04

Update includes Instructions and higher framerate.


Updated the list.


Added to the list.

Plays very fast on HW.

Btw. I noticed that I can get infinite points if I go up, out of screen :wink:


Really? Have I missed a bug?


I mean in Angry Space Toast.


@Hanski , even though I can not win the competition, can we still include “Pyrates!” in the entries?

If it weren’t for the compo, I wouldn’t have made it. And I want to take part.

I have released v2 which actually has gameplay and can be enjoyed



Youch! Few fixes I need to make it seems :x…
Fixed! If you get a chance to update my entry (that is allowed right?) that would be good :slight_smile: