[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Dr Mriller

Source: pokitto-mpy-project(49).zip (81.4 KB)
Binary: build(79).bin (155.8 KB)


It’s funny how many new game we see now that we have the python online editor.


I think it’s also because of the competition.
Game contests always cause a surge of new games.


It’s also very easy to develop in the editor. I gotta hand it to the guys, they have done a fantastic job. This is a game changer.


Here’s a preview of what I’m working on, not finished. Nothing will happen when you complete a level. No instructions, just see if you can figure it out!



build (17).bin (143.2 KB)

Question regarding contest rules, does “Feel free to use any of these fonts for whatever purpose you see fit.” count as licence for borrowed art? - http://www.zee-3.com/pickfordbros/archive/bitmapfonts.php


Sure it does


Quickly tried but no idea about the rules :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@jonne These entries are not any more so easy to find in this thread. I can collect them to post #2 in this thread if you do not object.


@Hanski , agreed!


Don’t count mine yet :thinking:, it’s not ready :slight_smile:


Ok, here goes…
Each tile gives you a number, make that many moves without crossing your path then hit A.
Wildcards are as follows,
Jack - swap a tile from the spares pile.
Queen - choose any tile horizontally or vertically, but all tiles in that line will flip.
King - Same as Queen, but only your selected tile will flip.
! - Move one tile, but reserve the ability to move anywhere by pressing B when on your starting tile.

A - Turn a tile
B - return to start tile
C - start fresh game


Meanwhile, I have seen no PyDoom entry from @drummyfish yet…


(… this, of course, is a joke)


Should there be some sort of official splash screen enforced for this? It might be nice if in the future we can easily ID any spring 2019 contest entries.


I think we’d be better off setting up a custom category for topics relating to the contest,
or perhaps coming up with a tag name like python-contest-01 or python-contest-03-09.
That way everything’s easily grouped.


I have now collected competition entries to the post #2 of this thread: [Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

Please tell, if I have missed something.


@spinal’s entry is missing


He said to wait until he was done I think.


I requested it not be added yet, it’s not finished :thinking:


If I have one complaint about something, it would be that on some games, the pokitto seems to always have a isss sound coming from the speaker, even if the game has no sound at all and to me that’s a bit of a bummer. Is it something that could be fixed? Similar sounds are happening even on non python game like Pokitto GP when loading from SD or in Planet Escape when saving the game.


In theory yes. I believe the audio is on the same bus as the SD card (@jonne can correct me if I’m wrong). It should be as simple as switching off the audio when the SD card is being accessed. I wouldn’t know how though.