[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


No need to discuss really, the tweet is out, 334 views already


Being native english must be a pain when it comes to read something on internet :smiley:


Ah, reading it a second time I see the second one is ‘emulator’ rather than ‘editor’.
(I saw the e…tor’ and my brain filled in the blanks.)

In which case, it should have just been something like “and an integrated emulator…”,
but it’s been published now so it doesn’t really matter anymore,
‘tweets’ can’t be edited as far as I’m aware.

The quality of English varies significantly even amongst natives.
I went to school with people with poorer spelling and grammar skills than a lot of the non-native English speakers here.
Personally I find American spellings and terminology far more grating than missing particles, minor misspellings or grammar mistakes.


Now that I think about it,
in there are two very specific grammatical issues that irk me to no end when it comes to programming.
But I won’t discuss them here because it’ll probably take the thread off on a tangent.


I am now programming using the Python IDE for the first time @FManga and @Hanski, and it’s really fun.

Unfortunately I can’t take part in the competition, but I have to know how it works :wink:

Its great. Really great.


I just updated the overview video in the top post. I added music :slight_smile: and an explanation, how to restore the project by dragging the zip packet on the editor.


@Hanski and @FManga , for the first time, I had 2 hours to try this micropython editor myself

I … am … out … of … words. I am humbled by your contribution.

It’s fun. It’s easy. It run’s amazingly well on the hardware.

I don’t know what to say, other than THANK YOU!

As for everyone else, if you own a Pokitto and you’re NOT giving it a shot, you are missing out big time
(looking at you, @VonBednar :hugs:)



Demo binary

build.bin (139.4 KB)


Great, now turn that into the game Shipwreckers! Lol


Or, actually, it’s (or was homage to)


That makes complete sense now!


We want more! Just add some sword fight and dialogues and you’ve done :wink:

Should we have a table that summarize all entries in the main post?


The idea of controlling the height of the jump is good. I also like that there is a lot more variation in the game than expected :slight_smile:


I just pushed an update to the editor:

  • Automatically skip intro in emulator
  • Added mixer. I’ve no idea how to use it, dunno if it actually works or if I broke something.
  • screen.blit is faster if you disable transparency by using a color above 15: screen.blit(img, x, y, 16)
  • Capital letters allowed in file names.


Is that why it’s not working for me atm?


No idea. It works here. :stuck_out_tongue:
Save, refresh and try again?


Good changes!

But there are problems for me as well. I can run Python the Snake, but not Frogitto.


Hmm… I see:

Error: "ERROR: Error: Command failed: /app/build.sh 17
frozen_mpy.c:86:5: error: redeclaration of enumerator 'MP_QSTR_self'
In file included from ././py/obj.h:31:0,
                 from py/objint.h:30,
                 from frozen_mpy.c:2:
././genhdr/qstrdefs.generated.h:140:6: note: previous definition of 'MP_QSTR_self' was here
 QDEF(MP_QSTR_self, (const byte*)"\x79\x04" "self")
././py/qstr.h:41:23: note: in definition of macro 'QDEF'
 #define QDEF(id, str) id,


A couple of demos work, others (and my project) don’t seem to work at all.


I am puzzled…


That makes two of us. :laughing:

Edit: found the problem. Fixing.