[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Hi all,

The bat-computer has come in the following conclusion:

Games will be divided in 3 categories: beginner, mid-range, and advanced coder, and the winner will be selected for each category.

The criteria for all categories are:

  1. Game length / replayability, 20%

  2. Polish (graphics and animation, on-game instructions, tille screen, menu etc.), 20%

  3. Playability (controls, game mechanics, level design, etc.), 20%

  4. Votes from the forum members, 40%

We do not take sounds into criteria for now as the support for it was added so late in the competition.


I don’t fully understand. The games are first put in 1 of the 3 categories and then get a score for each aspect or they get a score for each aspect and then final score determines the category?


This is how we thought it would be.


How are the categories decided?
Do you just ask people how much prior experience they have?

And how do you decide what experience counts?
E.g. 3 years of Python experience vs 5 years of Java experience but no prior Python experience


We will have to use pure and simple common sense

The reason for the division is that otherwise we will have to give all three prizes to most experienced coders and we don’t think that would be fair

We will use the combined wisdom of bringing up 5 kids and the wisdom of the Batcomputer and we hope the Pokitto community understands and has goodwill towards the process


We are busy discussing this with @Hanski at the moment


this will NOT be the last compo, so everyone will get a chance to win, don’t worry

I absolutely loved the compo so far and i want to do this again


I certainly want to participate to the next one :wink: Even if it has too been a very nice and interesting experience to be on this side of the table.


It certainly won’t, I haven’t forgotten about the fabled art contest. :P


Oh yeah… :hot_face:


I’m confused about the batcomputer. Really.

Who has a batcave???



Hi all !

Batcomputer was running into infinite loop when trying to categorize the competition entries :wink: It was too much even for the mighty BC. So we decided to change the system. As before, total 3 prizes are given.

  1. The Pokitto community chooses the best game

In addition, the judges select two games which receive special prizes:

  1. The “great effort” prize - for encouragement
  2. The “pushing the envelope / interesting idea” prize

I will make a separate post about the poll. The poll will end on thursday, 18:00 GMT.


I much prefer this system.
It’s more interesting and slightly fairer.



I just realized I forgot to ask you to make a game entry for TGG


:scream: I’ll have to get to that when I get home.