[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


That’s a nice idea! Added to the list.

Now all the entries are there, total 18, which is amazing :slight_smile:


18, cool!
Here is my updated zip containing all 18 with source.

Spring 2019 Contest.zip (2.0 MB)



Maybe install gcc-arm-none-eabi and jake, it can build on Mac too.
Thank you!


No need to install jake, the jake.js script in pyinsky is unrelated to the jake in npm.
All you need is to put gcc-arm-none-eabi in place of the one that’s included and install nodejs if you don’t have it already.


Finland is currently on UTC+03:00. (Accounting for the clocks going forward last night.)


Updated Pyrates, it was accidentally an old version. @spinal could you update the zip also?


Updated the one in this post -

Feel free to stick it up the top of the thread for people to download (if you’re happy that it’s up to date).


Here is my updated zip containing all 18 with source.

If you ask me, 18 sounds pretty awesome :slight_smile: My Mandelbrot was just a test, not meant as an entry :blush: Also sorry for not having posted any game, am kind of busy lately, but I’m really glad so many people did.


Yes indeed. And the quality of games is awesome also!
You put the ball rolling… :wink:


Thanks! It is in the competition post now.


I would like to say a huge thank you to @FManga and @Hanski, it was my first time programming python but working with the online editor made it a great learning experience, i enjoyed every bit of it specially the sprite editor.

here’s an update to my game adding:

  • basic sound effect (i hope this work)
  • 5 more levels
  • fixing a bug

i know that the competition is ended, i just want to complete my game.

Jetpack_v11.bin (175.9 KB)
Jetpack_v11.zip (97.8 KB)


Very admirable.


This contest sure is a creative blast. Love all those wonderful entries


@HomineLudens, could you make a [Game] thread about Boblo?
@bl_ackrain can you do the same for Jetpack
@chame for 1q48
@jpfli for ScummPy
@sbmrgd for UFO
@andrewb for BigBlue ?

what this means is:

  1. start a new thread in category Pokitto Programming/Games
  2. give it a title
  3. put screenshot/binary if you have them (press F3 on emulator to record)

… I can help with the rest if needed


@jonne I will definitely make a new thread for my game but I don’t have time for the moment. Maybe tomorrow.


@jonne, maybe we ought to create a pyinsky jam category to group all the entries?
(Or a pyinsky-jam tag?)


Maybe “python-jam1” would be more clear ?


Or micropython-jam-1 (or at least python-jam-1).

(I’ll admit I like the “Py in the sky” joke, purely because it reminds me of a certain TV series.)


Why not, simply, jam1?


Because we might have C++-only game jams,
or some other similar game jam if we introduce a different scripting language (like Lua),
in which case naming the jams/contests will make it easier to differentiate them.