[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Keep adding to: “place to visit in my life” :grin:


Added to Spring 2019 Contest.zip [Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


One random optimization tip: in loops, avoid indirect references. Instead cache data to local variables.
E.g. before loop set objx = obj.rect.x and use objx inside the loop, if that is constant inside the loop. The same can be used for function names, e.g. blit = sprite.blit. Python is slow if it needs to do many reference lookups on each loop operation.


To the loo.

That same advice applies to certain other dynamic languages too, e.g. Lua.

It can also apply in C++ even, but it’s rarer for it to make a difference because of the level of optimisation available to a static type system.


Updated the entry.


Looks interesting! Added to the list.


That’s a classic! Added to the list.


As I mentioned elsewhere this puzzle has an interesting backstory! Added to the list.


So after cursing Python, web browser and the world, Legend of Lanea is finally here!

I used the word ‘cursing’ but it was more like a love-hate relationship :slight_smile: More seriously using the tool has been great, the workflow is good, super direct. It allowed me to iterate much quicker. And coding + editing maps in the same web page, that was super great! So yeah thanks a lot for pulling this tool out guys/girls.

Looking back I do believe I took some wrong design decision for the coding. This is what mostly led me to having RAM issues, which I had to solve by putting dirty tricks in the code. So yeah it’s not as clean as it initially was, but it works :slight_smile: I do plan on trying to clean up and rewrite it in a more efficient way, maybe.

All in all it has been a great ride and I can’t wait to play all the entries, after a long rest…


You made it just in time! :sweat_smile: Congrats!


Wow, this contest has created so many cool new games for the Pokitto! There’s still some time before the contest closes, right? Midnight everywhere on earth? I didn’t really get any time to try to make something until this weekend, but still I wanted to try to make a proper game in python for this contest. I’m almost done with my game, but I still need to finish the graphics.


In the central US it is only 19:05 :thinking:… the officials are sleeping since it is long passed the middle of the night.


Is Pokitto MicroPython IDE down now?
Even if push play button, it doesn’t fade now.

Sorry for same question again, but I want to know offline way of building from .py to .bin.
I read about Embitz, but on backend of MicroPython IDE, it uses something CUI batch process, I suppose.
For example, can I use PlatformIO or something to build Python app? And how to do it?


If you have nodejs installed you can git clone the pyinsky repo and run it locally with a node server.


Thank you!
I’ll try it.


I just did it today. Was super simple!



Finished up my entry! I would have added a few more things, like a title screen or sound effects, but I ran out of time. Still, I think it turned out fun, if a bit simple.

I’m excited to play all the other entries when I have time, because they look great!


Wow great stuff, thanks for your entry.

ok everybody,

I’ve just woken up so I guess we can now say this was the competition deadline.

The compo was so much fun that we have to do this again. I really enjoyed following how everyone worked and I am surprised at the number and the quality of games submitted in such a short time

We will now set up the technical stuff for streaming videos about the entries. For example, I will hook up a DSLR to video the games on hardware and build a remote-controlled pokitto, so that I won:t have to film my hands all the time :wink:

More on this soon, once again a big thank you to everyone, including all Pokitto fans who supported and motivated.


Doesn’t seem to be down now. It must have been asleep. To wake it up, just try again.

It is possible to build using embitz (and PlatformIO, I presume) but the process isn’t as quick and friendly.
One thing that will be a problem, if I remember correctly, is that you’re on Mac OS. Hanski’s scripts are Windows batch files and mine are for Linux. For pyinsky to run you’ll need to replace gcc-arm-none-eabi.

An offline and platform-independent version of the IDE is being planned.


Zelda-esque, wow! I cannot wait to play this :slight_smile: Added to the list.