[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Whoa! I didn’t know batcomputer worked on punchcards :smiley: classic!


I recently upgraded from front panel flip switches


:rofl: ah too good. Do you have any rolls of tape leftover!?


sorry @jonne my game is not commander keen it is jetpack https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jetpack_(video_game) clone.


Ah Ok! The guy looked exactly like Keen:


… but nevermind, JetPack is a cool game also!


So are @Hanski and the ‘Batcomputer’ going to be the only judges?

I was anticipating that we’d have a poll for at least one of the prizes. (A sort of “forum user’s choice” award.)


That is a good idea.


I remember played that game on a 386 @20Mhz with turbo button…


Yes, might well be justified. I think its a good suggestion


Wow, those entries look amazing! :scream_cat:

Please update my entry to the latest version with AAA production value (sound effects). :wink:


Fantastic! I spent countless hours with Jetpack on my first PC. It was actually one of the games I considered for this competition, but decided to go with ScummPy instead. Now we have them both on Pokitto!


Added to the list.


Updated the entry.


Wow, that’s 12 entries total! And a couple of more still coming, I think :smile:

Note that you can make several entries if you wish. There is still time for a quick nice minigame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1q48_v0_1.bin (160.3 KB)
1q48_v0_1.zip (9.6 KB)

Here is my entry for the competition.
It’s Capcom’s 1942-like simple shoot-em-ups.



I have one suggestion for the game. You get 10 points for every photo. But if you are brave, and “stay close” to get more photos, you should get more and more points for successive photos.

Like this:

  1. go close
  2. 10 points for first pic
  3. 20 points for next pic
  4. 40 points for next pic
    … and so on

this could make the game more fun, because you have to take a risk to get more points!


Hi, looks really great! Added to the list.


Anyone else think their entry sucks compared some of these other ones?


Oh good lord whole heartedly :rofl:
Your entry is fantastic though!


I do :slight_smile: