[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


Keep in mind that for now it sounds only on hardware. The online sim is still under development.
BTW it sound super awesome on Pokitto!


Noggin? or just sound in general?


@Hanski if/when you get a chance, could you update my entries to a single entry?
TorsGameGallery.zip (97.8 KB)
tgg.bin (173.3 KB)


So heres my entry so far! I want to try add audio at some point and sometimes I run into bugs but I think its 90% of the way there and I’m pretty happy with it. Your goal in it is to guide the astronaut home, avoiding aliens, comets and rockets across 5 different levels of increasing difficulty. It runs well on the emulators I’ve tried but I don’t know how it runs on real hardware - hopefully its ok!

BigBlue.zip (32.2 KB)
file.bin (156.5 KB)



Looks very nice! Added to the list.


Added to one entry


Updated the entry


Is it possible to record a gif in the online editor/emulator?


Runs very well (quickly) on HW :slight_smile:


Can someone tell me a sound data’s format and how to make it?
Perhaps it is made from data part of uncompressed WAV or so.


Just drag-and-drop the sound (mp3) into the code, the editor does the conversion.


It’s beyond my imagination.


Are there any limitations for the MP3 in terms of bitrate or length?


Two limitations come to mind:

  • length, since it all has to fit in flash. It’s for sound effects, not for full songs.
  • format actually depends on the browser. Firefox supports wav, ogg and mp3. Chrome supports wav and mp3, iirc. Bitrate should not be an issue.


Thanks for the reply… I guess I would need to use the SD card for music. (which is not yet implemented in the online editor I assume)

So I have tried to make also something in the online editor. I would like to post it here but I have no clue how to make a gif of the gameplay. How did you guys do this with the online editor?


Here is my entry. It is a little minigame:
You have to defend your planet against aliens by shooting ufos. There are three types of ufos: a big one , a medium one and a small one. In the left upper corner there is some kind of a compass that gives an idea where the current ufo is situated. You have 2 minutes to shoot as many ufos as possible:
d-pad controls your ship
a-button fires the lasers
b-button goes to game over screen
c-button: starts game

Video of gameplay (It runs a bit faster on hardware):

ufo.bin (159.8 KB)
ufo.zip (60.5 KB)

I have made an intro song as wel but I am currently not able to add it to the game. If anyone is interested, you can give it a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/sbmrgd/ufo-intro

I had much fun making it. The code itself is rather messy… I hope you enjoy the game.


Looks fun! Added to the list.


A new version released (sound support!):


I’d like to update my entry to align with latest build of the python editor:
Rexitto.zip (26.3 KB)

rexitto.bin (152.6 KB)


Still a couple of days to file a competition entry. Lets see if we have the last minute rush in the end :wink: