[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!


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I don’t think I could ever consider a game finished but I would like to enter my first ever playable game for Pokitto! I call it Angry Space Toast.
github with todo list.
AngrySpaceToast.zip (97.8 KB)
AngSpcTst.bin (140.0 KB)


Just a simple avoidance game where you’re objective is to not get clobbered by the angry space toast. You have a shield, but it can only take so much buttery angst. Once that is depleted you have minimal health remaining before you’re toast.
A is the button to start the round. Movement is with D-pad but thrust is either UP or A. No other controls yet.

Edit: Now with stars! (and better commented code!)
Edit2: Nicer looking title screen.
Edit3: No more immortal off-screen bug. UI fixed for Best score.
Edit4: Best wasn’t being updated appropriately


I have an update to my entry, I’d like for it to replace my entry in post #2. Thanks.

Noggin.bin (147.9 KB)
Noggin.zip (36.3 KB) - Source, first line includes permission to use the titlescreen font.

01 02

03 04

Update includes Instructions and higher framerate.


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Plays very fast on HW.

Btw. I noticed that I can get infinite points if I go up, out of screen :wink:


Really? Have I missed a bug?


I mean in Angry Space Toast.


@Hanski , even though I can not win the competition, can we still include “Pyrates!” in the entries?

If it weren’t for the compo, I wouldn’t have made it. And I want to take part.

I have released v2 which actually has gameplay and can be enjoyed



Youch! Few fixes I need to make it seems :x…
Fixed! If you get a chance to update my entry (that is allowed right?) that would be good :slight_smile:


Please include KameraKatze!



(I’m presuming updates are allowed up until the closing date.)



I’m so sorry, but I just fixed another thing :[ (Best wasn’t being updated appropriately)


Done. This time I included a link to the GitHub too.

Have you considered using GitHub releases for hosting your .bin files?
That way you wouldn’t have to keep updating the .zip file because you can get the source from the release.

It would also mean someone who uses the Clone or download button wouldn’t end up with two copies of the source code (and a .zip within a .zip).


I actually always forget about releases :x…
I’ll go clean that up :slight_smile: thanks!


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Mecha Narwhal! Another adventure in pyinsky.

Explore the ocean depths as the Mecha Narwhal! Dodge shark poky coral, avoid or dash through dangerous jellyfish, and keep an eye out for those pesky sharks!
The farther you explore, the faster you’ll go! Keep your eyes open.

MechaNarwhal.bin (138.8 KB)
MechaNarwhal.zip (4.2 KB)


Very cute graphics :slight_smile:


Added to the list. That makes it total 10 entries :+1::+1::+1:

I really like that people can now make short & simple minigames very easily. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Soon, you can add a sound effect as easily as you can now add a bitmap :wink:


Thanks! Made them all myself :smiley: been working on that. Learning the online editor was pretty straight forward. And the interoperability with the main editor is just phenomenal! Importing could literally NOT be any easier!