Regicide - WIP


Coming Really Soon !


Call the MI5! The Commonwealth is up to something!


Oooh… shiny! :open_mouth:

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Should I be worried that I know what regicide means?
Also, will the spin-offs be called patricide, matricide, fratricide and sororicide?

(I wonder if regicide violates the geneva conventions…)

I believe MI2 was to set up to spy on Russia (no surprises) and Scandinavia as a whole. The Brits were obviously scared that the Fins would invade. Obviously when nothing happened during the war everything but MI5 and MO6 was disbanded.

The whole game is a little shiny. Thanks to @Vampirics

I prefer senicide.

I am partial to farcide, myself.


That’s what it was repurposed for after WWI.

Prior to that it was set up to handle “geographical information” (probably maps and weather reports), much like MI3 (which was repurposed for similar things).

On paper, yes, but some of the other ‘MI’ units have modern equivalents that play the same role under a different name, e.g. MI4’s role is now played by the “Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre” (awful name).

Also, MI5’s proper name is the “Security Service” and MI6’s proper name is the “Secret Intelligence Service”. (Bland names, but not as awful as the DIFC.)

I shall warn the care homes to be on the lookout for a man brandishing a Bowie knife.

The real giveaway will be when he asks the local chippy if he can have some flake with his chips, and he certainly knows he’s not in an ice cream shop. :P

Lets guess!!

Is it a …

  • Card game
  • Puzzle game
  • Board gameish
  • Turn-based multiplayer
  • Something else

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Just to throw it out there:

Though I’d be surprised if @filmote or @Vampirics are Warhammer fans (more so @filmote than @Vampirics).

Then again, it’s been very popular during the pandemic.

I’d say it’s a choice-based puzzle game, similar to that game where you assassinate a king to take his place, then do the choices to keep being alive / in power as long as you can. Choices could be represented by cards


The poll is interesting as the game fits a couple of those categories!

I will also add, that apart from some instructions it is 99.99% done!



A further (big) hint.


I knew it! It’s a doom fantasy clone!


Errrr . not really.

Now watch as everyone sneakily changes their choice in the poll to ‘card game’, as if they’d always chosen that option.


nah, i stick to board game - just added cards in my fantasy :laughing: