Recovering RAM from Buffers

For my application I want to have as much RAM as I can for a stream buffer to stream byes to the screen over USB.

I don’t need the screenbuffer and I think I can probably figure out how to recover that RAM. I tried to change to no buffer mode but it didn’t seem to release the screenbuffer rame so I am still working on that.

[EDIT] this worked fine for recovering the screenbuffer ram once I did a ‘clean’

However, there is an 8192 ram assigned to ‘buffers’ but I don’t know how to find or release this RAM. Maybe it’s part of MbedOS. Any ideas?

I thought we killed that bug. Its PokittoLib alright

Edit: @FManga how does the HIGH RAM affect this, if at all?

That’s the sound buffer. Disabling sound should remove it entirely. Alternatively, using HIGH RAM MUSIC will free up RAM by moving that buffer to RAM1 and RAM2.

OK! Thanks for the insights. I will fiddle with the sound to see where it takes me.

Do you plan on playing sound? If not, disabling it in My_settings would be best. If you do need sound, using LibAudio will free up a good amount.

In the end I will need to ‘stream sound’ in some different ways, not sure yet which way will be best. For now I am going to try to keep the sound buffers to give me the most options