Real pigment mixing for digital painting

This is a great talk and the only question that remains in my mind is how did this take so long to be realized.


Okay, this is pretty crazy, but this is a girl that used to go to elementary school with me, to the same class, I sat next to her in the first grade.


small world

It beats me that this was invented only now and not a long time ago! I know that mixing lights and mixing pigments works in different logic but still.

As much as I’m sure this will be useful for some people, I can understand why nobody bothered to investigate it until now.

I’m sat here wondering when the last time I actually used paint was. It’s definitely more than a decade in my case, and I expect for some of you it might even be multiple decades.

Either way, it’s at the point for me that the idea that red + green = yellow is more instinctive than blue + yellow = green.

@drummyfish was it a school dedicated to technology or do all Czechs (or Moravians?) end up studying computer science? :P

No, that was completely by chance lol, I think we even “dated” at one point – as much as much as 6/7 year olds can date :smiley: Then I moved to another school, we didn’t stay in any contact, and now I see she went on to study the same subfield of CS and is presenting some great papers. I only noticed it was her because the accent and her name and look was suspicious, went to check the paper authors and saw it’s her lol. Pretty funny.