Questions about porting from simulator to PokittoLib

I’m planning to port Blocky World to PokittoLib. I’ve got a few questions about it:

  1. I’ve coded BW on the simulator, and coded it using the latest version as of 9/11/2017. What will I need to do to update it for simultaneous development in CodeBlocks and EmBitz?
  2. BW will probably take up too much memory on the first attempt, before I optimize it. What happens when you run out of memory? Does a screen pop up, or does the Pokitto explode?
  3. Due to how my optimization will work, BW will require an SD card to save data on. How do I add the bootloader to a game?
  1. Add an explicite SetFont() if you do not have it
  2. Probably Pokitto just hangs. This is something we have to improve.