Formation attack, first try

Its quite difficult to try to figure out how the formation attack works in Bosconian


Looking at a video I’d assume they start off all using the same AI controller,
then they disband using a pre-configured pattern (a list of velocities or relative paths),
then they switch to using the default AI.


This game looks like a coin-up arcade :slight_smile:


Does Bosconian have anything to do with the lensmen books?


Putting in the final touches now, made this nice pyster


Looks gorgeous! Cannot wait for the final game.


Sooo nice :open_mouth:


Just a warning, that one should be careful if using a clone game for commercial purposes. I know that App Store is full of Space Invaders and Pacman clones, but usually both the name and the graphics & sounds are a bit different from the original.


I have drawn the gfx pixel by pixel & done the sfx myself.

If you put them side by side, you’d notice that. It looks identical, but is not at all


I believe you, but it just looks very much the same, which might be enough.

Here is a very good article about the copyright issues in clones:

And this too:


Hmm. I think you might be right. I’ll have to modify the gfx

Edit: removed the tweet, going to rework the gfx


Too bad, I wouldn’t mind having both version :wink:


Thanks @Hanski

… it now looks better than before :sunglasses:

Freeing myself of the requirement to look the same allowed me to add some cool stuff


I am happy to hear that😀
I am constantly enjoying in making pixel graphics in PE. Even more than coding right now!


Very close now. New graphics, improved enemies



Stations look much better now. What is the meaning of the moving “waveform” on the right pane, except that the red color is danger etc.


Green oscilloscope = no danger close by
Yellow = enemy approaching
Red = many enemies approaching fast
Blinking red = formation attack incoming


The new graphics are amazing!!


Music & sfx is done


Unfocused camera to force focus in the awesome music.