Python + Bosconian = Pysconian

Working on graphics at the moment



I love it!! I played a version of this on a tv plug and play for hours.


I am going to try to make it as faithful as possible

EDIT: all the gfx are actually redrawn by hand, the difference in resolution forces me to do so


That is so exciting :grin: oh my gosh too good.


Coding with Python is so easy



OH MY GOSH!! :open_mouth: This looks SO good!


Looks absolutely great!
Btw. I am currently implementing fast vertical or horizontal mirrored blit in upygame API. That will save some ROM & drawing effort



Main problem is that I’m running out of RAM. 70 mines, 6 bases with 6 pods, 20 projectiles, all gameobjects with x,y,wx,wy,w,h,explosion,visibility,status and so on

I may have to de-objectify my code into global bytearrays to fit in enemies and asteroids


Yeah, that is what I have also done with bullets in Pokitron. No objects, but just a list of coordinates.


I am now coding “the proper way” with modules and classes (no globals), and I am enjoying Python even more.

Python is even better with OOP


I still need to fully learn that for python.


There are many examples of Python classes and modules in the competition entries.


I’ve skimmed a few of them early on. The different styles everyone uses is so cool :smile:


FYI I grabbed a lot of code from Jetpack by @bl_ackrain. Amazingly, he says its his first Python prog and made in 3 days


I can believe it, python seems very familiar, it reminds me a lot of old BASIC.


It would be interesting to know how many used Python the first time in competition.


Not only that, how many people don’t own Pokitto’s.

But yeah, this was my first attempt an anything in python.


For me too


Everything is better with OOP.


With no bytearrays, I was able to get up from 70 to 135 mines by optimizing the code.

The trick was simple. If you pass an object to a function, and you extend that object inside that function, the original instance expands. It is not a copy, it is a reference.

Replacing expanded attributes with local variables and the instances stayed small = twice the amount of mines.