Prusa i3 Mk2S joins the family


And of course, that’s still assuming we’re using Euclidean geometry.
What if I actually live in a non-Euclidean dimension of sub-space? :P
(I meant that as a joke, but ironically I sort of do. The earth isn’t flat after all.)


Spacetime is non-Euclidean according to general relativity :nerd_face:


@jonne Are we using cartesian, spherical or cylindrical coordinates? We might not need a z-axis (I mean actually a z coordinate) at all!


If you really want to, you can get away with 1 coordinate. Nice short video:



Edit: this is code, not fake


I can’t wait until I can buy a genuine joy-hat :slight_smile:


Naturally, works also on hardware



Is the screen better viewable now that it is in its correct rotation ? :smile:


Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe!! Unexpected bonus!


Is there by any chance build some of us could download and test on our DIY hats?


yes. i’ll put it up