Problem with PokittoSim

Hi. I ran in some problems with PokittoLib. I can’t build any targets (with Codeblocks and PokittoSim project) with last version PokittoLib even HelloWorld. Wrote in detail on github issue

Thanks. I forgot about that. Its the battery level indicator & random initializer added in last iteration of hardware lib.

I will fix it within 2-3 hours

Or, y’know, let one of us have a crack at it :P

(Would be really awkard if this doesn’t work. I did check it, but sod’s law is sneaky.)

Hi. I ran into some problems with the micropython target and PokittoLib.
Seems the micropython target in PokittoLib is broken. I can not building the micropython target it according to the instructions.

the process ended with the following errors:
PokittoLib-master\Pokitto\POKITTO_CORE\PokittoBattery.cpp|47|error: ‘AnalogIn’ does not name a type|
PokittoLib-master\Pokitto\POKITTO_CORE\PokittoBattery.cpp|50|error: ‘BatLevelPin’ was not declared in this scope|
PokittoLib-master\Pokitto\POKITTO_CORE\PokittoBattery.cpp|55|error: ‘BatLevelPin’ was not declared in this scope|

But everything works well on PokittoSim.

Seems I hurried with conclusions, I can’t build no one target even HelloWorld with PokittoLib.

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Same issue you reported on github. Fix coming soon.

I moved the bug report posts to a new thread.
They’re a little out of order, but at least we know this is the same issue and it’s contained in one place.

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@Pharap Merged, thanks alot! @werton : its fixed now

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I will now do something I’ve had in mind for a while.

Thanks to his outstanding and continuing contributions in fixing things, and patiently explaining the intricacies of C++ to us mere mortals, @Pharap is hereby awarded with the first ever “Tower of Strength” badge for exceptional dedication to the community.



I go away for dinner and then come back to find a fancy new badge.
It was completely unnexpected, but I’m grateful for the recognition.

Knowing that my help and advice are appreciated motivates me to keep helping out.

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wow! so quick =) thanks guys!

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