[POLL] Which articles in Pokitto Magazine #2 you have read from start to end?

This time do not choose the best articles, but articles you have read from start to end.

  • Dark Ritual Cover Story – Exclusive Review!
  • Endless Forms Most Pokittoful – Game Review
  • Making of Canabalto – A daring Java game dev story
  • Learn Python with Hanski, part 2 – Second episode of microPython tutorial
  • Photo Booth – Community Photos from around the world
  • Don’t Forget a license! – Open source is not open without a license
  • Espresso Shoot – Interview with game jam winner HomineLudens
  • Hey JOE! – Interview with game jam winner Spinal
  • IR Remote controller – Turn your TV on with your Pokitto
  • Planet Escape 0.5.0 – Game review
  • FM Radio Hat – a simple kit turns Pokitto into a radio
  • FemtoIDE – Fast tracking to Pokitto game development
  • Pipes – tutorial – Write a game in C++ using FemtoIDE
  • ARM Assembly, part 1 – Learning to code in ARM Assembly language
  • Hardware Schematics, part 2/2 – Schematics of Pokitto

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So far in the poll it looks like game reviews and developer interviews are the most widely read articles.


This is really fascinating data :eyes::nerd_face:
Doing a poll like this can definitely help in fine tuning content for future magazines :smiley:


I think the results are amazing, as the lowest percentage for an article is about 40%, considering that there are (supposedly) many kinds of people who read this magazine.

Should we make this poll in Twitter to get wider audience? Or is Twitter limited to just 4 options in polls?


I believe it is limited to 4 still.

Why not on Twitter? Even if it doesn’t get many votes it sure gets some more attention

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There are over 10 articles but in Twitter you can make a poll of max 4 items.

Then maybe ask about most read topics?