[Poll] The theme selection for the upcoming gamejam!

The selection has two parts.

  1. We vote for the finalists. Select all the themes you want to be in the finals!
  2. The actual theme will be randomly selected from the most popular themes

Vote for the finals. Select all themes you want to be in the finals.

  • Time loop. After a given amount of time, the world/scene restarts to the start point.
  • Featuring Pokitto. Make a game where Pokitto is in the main role.
  • Japan. Must involve some aspect of Japanese culture or aesthetics.
  • Mass-Transportation / Travel
  • Winter Games jam - a sports / Olympics theme jam
  • 100% for Kids
  • Cats and dogs
  • Physics. Must include some kind of physics based mechanic.
  • Higher and higher
  • Oceans
  • Text. Must involve reasonably large amounts of text.
  • Joe jam. Make a game where Joe is in the main role.
  • Light - camera - action. Pokitto goes to hollywood
  • Marching penguins
  • On/off. There is a switch (or many) in the game which affects somehow to the game

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Everyone can participate to voting, not just coders.


I give few days for voting still. I am going to delay the second round (randomized selection) until the jam starts so that people cannot take a flying start :wink:


@jonne promised something for the prize. If someone of you are also willing to donate something for the prize, please contact me or Jonne. That would be great!

I am going to close this poll tomorrow morning (Finnish time). So now is the last chance to vote! :slight_smile:


my votes are in :+1:

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The poll have been closed. I would suggest that the final (randomized) theme selection would be made between top 7 items (more that 40 % of people voted) just before the gamejam starts.