[POLL] Purchase of the paper version of the Pokitto Magazine?


Yes😍 looking forward to this


I can’t wait!


The first batch had an error. The page 18 was missing. I will fetch the second batch tomorrow. It was their mistake so no extra fee is needed.

I have now a box full of defective Pokitto Magazines :slight_smile:


Limited edition “rare typo” copies :wink:


When Pokitto beats iPhone in sales, I can sell those in good price :wink:


With the quality and quantity of games exploding lately this could be possible if the rate of community growth also goes up :wink:


Perhaps the first X purchases get a free defective copy?


A good idea! But it might be that then the weigth gets over 250 g. After that the posting costs are quite a much bigger (in Finland).

Edit: We could save those as competition prizes also.

Edit2: make e.g. a small compo each month from now on :slight_smile:

Edit3: One compo could be related making documentation or tutorials for Pokitto Library.


I have the magazines, but I am waiting for address information from Jonne before I can start sending the magazines to you.

We just need to wait a little bit until Jonne is back in business after the baby birth.


As it happens, I sat down at my computer right now and will begin addressing stuff that’s on my ToDo list


Addresses for shipment of mags delivered to @Hanski


Great! I will buy the envelopes today (C4).


I’ve been invoiced! Does that mean it’s on its way soon?


I will try to send all tomorrow.


@FManga , your mag is on the way also. I will send the JoyHat soon as well.


All ready for a trip to the post office tomorrow!


I have now sent them all :slight_smile: A rough estimate is 1-2 weeks to Europe, 2 weeks to the rest of the world.


Thanks Hanski for the help!


Cool :slight_smile: .