[POLL] Purchase of the paper version of the Pokitto Magazine?


Are you interested to order a paper (color) version of the soon-released Pokitto magazine if the total costs (including the postage costs) are below 20 € (22.6 $)? The printing would be made by professionals. This is a non-binding poll.

  • Yes, that would be super!
  • No, I am happy with the downloadable file
  • Maybe

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I’m thinking this could become my new collector hobby.


I have to say it’s quite expensive, but damn, it looks soo gorgerous. I can’t miss it.


Is there going to be enough content to warrant the cost? If it’s going to be about 6 pages or so, it might not really be worth it?


We are at 36 pages right now…


For the content and what I’ve seen, anything under 30$USD seems plenty worth it to me. Especially for single print and direct shipping.


Meaning it’s roughly €0.55 (or £0.49) per page.


Are there enough buyers for this to happen then?


Yes! Look at the Pokitto shop :slight_smile:


Ordered :grin:


The zine will be printed in https://ideaprint.fi/ which is located near Tampere, Finland.

Here is the machine that takes care of printing and stabling:

Example of the printed magazine:


Cool, are they ‘standard’ magazine size, or are they small?


That is the A4 size.


I advice everyone interested in the paper version to place orders, as we will send the final mag to the printing tomorrow.

@spinal, @jpfli : I am sending you the mag free of charge along with the long delayed prizes you are still waiting for

@Vampirics, @torbuntu : you’re getting the mag also, you were the editors

@Hanski , please PM me the details where the printing material is to be sent


I already ordered though :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


I will refund it


Make sure to send a version with most of the corrections ironed out.
The typos probably aren’t a big deal, but I’m sure some people will find them annoying.
(I know I would.)

By the way, perhaps we should have a ‘magazine’ section of the forum to keep all these magazine-related threads together?


That’s a good idea!


Fresh from the press!

To my eyes the quality is very good for a hobby magazine :slight_smile:


Wow! Look at that :smiley: amazing!