[Poll] A short question: Have you seen the game ending animation in the "Brew of the Undead" game?

  • Yes, I have seen it !
  • Nope

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Yippee! One player has gone to the end!


In fairness I voted ‘no’ despite having not actually played the game,
so that might be skewing the results slightly.


Basically, i just wanted to know how many people has played through the game, but a poll needs at least 2 options.


The ending animation is quite suprising in my mind :wink:


I’ll continue playing when I get a chance. I got doinked pretty hard when I played but I am learning strategies to get better.


That is the only way to see the ending animation. I won’t tell :wink:


Worth it :smirk: I’ll let you know when I get there.
Edit: Made it to day 5 :open_mouth: that’s the farthest I’ve gotten yet.


You can make it! :+1::+1::+1:


I get pretty close, I need to work on collecting more beans during the day level. 2 is not enough it seems xD