Pokkito Game Index (list of games)

NOTICE: This list will not be updated anymore, because of the new Games & Applications page on the main site!

There wasn’t a list of Pokitto games on the forums, so I thought I’d make it myself…

First of all, a quick guide to the list:
[WIP] means the game is work-in-progress.
[Unreleased] means the game is not available for download (yet!).
The list entries are in this format:
[tags] Creators - Game
The tags are WIP and Unreleased. Everything else is pretty obvious.
Also, the list is categorized into genres.

Games: 14 (2 Action, 2 Adventure, 7 Arcade, 1 Card, 1 Platformer, 1 Puzzle)
Games available for download: 10 (1 Action, 1 Adventure, 6 Arcade, 0 Card, 1 Platformer, 1 Puzzle)
Games finished: 7 (1 Action, 0 Adventure, 5 Arcade, 0 Card, 0 Platformer, 1 Puzzle)

Jonne - Pixonia (itch.io page)
[WIP] [Unreleased] spinal - Sensitive
[WIP] Pokitteam - Columns and Coffins (itch.io page)
[WIP] [Unreleased] epicdude312 - Blocky World
Initgraph - PokiSnake
epicdude312 - Arcade Classics
MJLHThomassen - Tic Tac Toe for Pokitto
HomineLudens - Yet Another Tic Tac Toe
Trelemar - Jetpac
[WIP] spinal - Pokittris
[WIP] [Unreleased] Hanski - Frogitto (uPython Game)
[WIP] [Unreleased] crait - TCG for Pokitto (working title)
[WIP] adekto - Crypt Looter
Aphrodite & Catsfolly - Squiddy

If your game isn’t on here, just reply with the link and I’ll add it! (unless a mod makes this a wiki topic, of course :stuck_out_tongue:)


Great idea for a thread!

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Sensitive - All videos Pokitto
Technically wip but all it needs is proper music and the direct pixel routines modified(?) once its tested on hardware.

In thinking of naming tiny bloc as Pokkitris…

Immediately after shutting down my computer last night, I realized I forgot Sensitive (as well as Jetpac, by @trelemar). I added them now that my computer is back on :stuck_out_tongue:

Whopping 13 games roster and the device is not even out yet! That is at least on par with major console releases from big boys :wink: Go Pokitto!


It’s definitely better than the Wii U :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m really impressed with the roster, as well. This community is amazing.

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How about listing other applications too. RBoy Tracker, MicroPython, what else?

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I might make a separate thread for that…

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Can a mod please close this thread? With the new Games page, it’s not really needed :stuck_out_tongue: