Pokittos with some accessories


Such a shame that the joystick add-on couldn’t resemble a head crab :joy::+1:

It looks great btw :heart_eyes:

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Lol, you got orange and white too!

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I think that’s pink, not orange.


It is lol, when I saw it the night mode was on and it looked orange, pink does look good on a pokitto, I kinda wish I went with that combo

I love seeing other people’s creative Pokitto combinations :smiley: like that intro sub where everyone was posting greetings from around the world.

This will blow your socks off then!

Although I suspect you just meant colour combinations :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those buttons functional!!?? No I mean anything people do with Pokitto in general including colors. But this is next level!

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All buttons work, the select button is wired to the flash button on the back. The only issue is that I broke the usb (more) in the process, so I can’t charge or flash it. But it will power on through the PEX header and loading from SD card works.

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