PokittoDash [wip]

Basicly a Geometry-Dash for Pokitto.

The only thing you can do is: Jump. Jump. Jump. JUMP!

Some sprites:

Programming has started today! I will keep you informed of the progress.

Just one thing:
My font (5x7) is very to small for the 220x176 mode. How to change the size?


Cool! And I’m pretty sure there is no print with scaling implemented. You may have to pick a different font if it won’t work for you.

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game.display.fontSize = 2; // 2x scaled font


void Display::drawBitmap 	( 	int16_t  	x,
		int16_t  	y,
		const uint8_t *  	bitmap,
		uint8_t  	rotation,
		uint8_t  	flip 

Pokitto API says that it´s possible to ratote/flip bitmaps. I Tried some values but nothing changed. Is it not working or did i miss something?

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only rotates by 90 degrees in some modes (gamebuino and arduboy) fot compatibility. not implemented in 110x88 and hires yet

Neat! How can we get the width (in pixels) of a printed char array? Useful for printing text centered.

No problem! I will add rotated spikes.

hmm. printing a char already returns the width even for proportional font. can you make a request out of this? easy to implement

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Works it only with a specific font? I tried out some and the scale changed not.

    game.display.fontSize = 2;

oops i think only directprint. will check.