Pokitto Wave DJ Streamer?

I want to use Pokitto as wave streaming device.
Is possible to stream via earphones wav files from SD? Some kind of simple file browser and click it will plays song.Will buy 2nd Pokitto and plug them into mix deck with build in effects.Vinyl player is too just music streamer.I do house/trance so dont need scratching…Do you think will it be possible.I use 2x PSPs for DJing now.With simple homebrew dj app…But travelling with Pokittos will be more easy…

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Hi Matej

Streaming WAV files is indeed possible but I think you may find the sound quality is not good enough for DJing. I have an example program of how to do it, I will try to post it soon so you can try


EDIT from 1:08 I plug it into external speakers via the headphone jack