Pokitto-to-Pokitto hardware debugging

Hello all

Since post offices are closed in the weekend, I decided to take a little rest and program for a while.

Something I’ve been really interested for a long while (but have not had time to work on) is Pokitto-to-Pokitto hardware debugging. The idea is that one Pokitto can directly program and control another Pokitto as a hardware debugger.

I have been working on this for 2 hours now, and I have Pokitto coming up as a hardware debugger (see picture below) with USB connection to the PC

##background info

This project is a hack of the ARMSTART IBDAP CMSIS-DAP for LPC11U35

CMSIS-DAP is an open-source HW debugger for ARM devices, originally intended to compile with Keil MDK (~5000USD per seat). Armstart took the code and made a GCC compilable version.

what I have done

I have now taken that Armstart Linux-only GCC project, built a project that compiles on EmBitz, changed the target to LPC11U68 and its compiling and running.

More news as the situation develops :grinning: