Pokitto Start - Setup/Bootloader ect (some photos for waiting)


Simple Question :slight_smile:
How to prepare your SD card for start you pokitto ???

Actually i’ve only a white screen with some grappy sound on the hp :stuck_out_tongue:


Tutorial on putting the games on SD / Pokitto coming up later today (in a few hours)

The shipping was faster than I though :grinning:


Hehe YES !!!

I’m waiting for it :wink:

Pokitto Ready and Charged
SD Card 2go formated

Waiting BootLoader and Binary :smiley:


oups just touch bouton reset and flash. Black screen now: p


Got my Pokitto today and it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get started!!


Me too. Too long to stay and wait.


Share some pics please :heart_eyes:


for now i’ve nothing to show.

i’ve a white screen and now nothing more than a black screen :stuck_out_tongue:


Power on / black screen (photo no flash)


Power on / black screen (photo flash)


This binary contains also the bootloader.

When you drag this into the device, your SD loader will also work

squiddy2.bin (256 KB)

Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!

I’try to put it on, nothing

put it and rename it firmware.bin nothing see to boot

Did i miss something ?


delete previous firmware.bin. drag drop squiddy2.bin. reset


squiddy2.bin flashed to pokitto. It’s really awesome game. But whenever I load another bin from pokitto loader, flashing complete but pokitto loader broken. It’s not work anymore.


It seems broken bins have slipped in. I am going to update the whole thing today (just working on it)

Edit: it seems I have maybe forgotten to protect against overrun. I am fixing it.


Does the loaded game run though?


Yes but pressing C button while playing also broke game :smile: (tried on YATTT and Pokittris)


Please explain steps to problem exactly. This is important. I have not had such issues.


squiddy2.bin flashed to pokitto. SD contains nothing else --> bootloader shows empty list, yet when I press A I get a dialog “Load program? Yes/No”. Maybe there shouldn’t be any dialog at all?

[edit] also when discarding this dialog there’s a remaining ghost “Yes/No” in the file list (Yes in white, No in gray)


thanks for the warning. i will fix that also