Pokitto Start - Setup/Bootloader ect (some photos for waiting)

Simple Question :slight_smile:
How to prepare your SD card for start you pokitto ???

Actually i’ve only a white screen with some grappy sound on the hp :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tutorial on putting the games on SD / Pokitto coming up later today (in a few hours)

The shipping was faster than I though :grinning:


Hehe YES !!!

I’m waiting for it :wink:

Pokitto Ready and Charged
SD Card 2go formated

Waiting BootLoader and Binary :smiley:

oups just touch bouton reset and flash. Black screen now: p

Got my Pokitto today and it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get started!!

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Me too. Too long to stay and wait.

Share some pics please :heart_eyes:

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for now i’ve nothing to show.

i’ve a white screen and now nothing more than a black screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Power on / black screen (photo no flash)

Power on / black screen (photo flash)

This binary contains also the bootloader.

When you drag this into the device, your SD loader will also work

squiddy2.bin (256 KB)

I’try to put it on, nothing

put it and rename it firmware.bin nothing see to boot

Did i miss something ?

delete previous firmware.bin. drag drop squiddy2.bin. reset

squiddy2.bin flashed to pokitto. It’s really awesome game. But whenever I load another bin from pokitto loader, flashing complete but pokitto loader broken. It’s not work anymore.

It seems broken bins have slipped in. I am going to update the whole thing today (just working on it)

Edit: it seems I have maybe forgotten to protect against overrun. I am fixing it.

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Does the loaded game run though?

Yes but pressing C button while playing also broke game :smile: (tried on YATTT and Pokittris)

Please explain steps to problem exactly. This is important. I have not had such issues.

squiddy2.bin flashed to pokitto. SD contains nothing else --> bootloader shows empty list, yet when I press A I get a dialog “Load program? Yes/No”. Maybe there shouldn’t be any dialog at all?

[edit] also when discarding this dialog there’s a remaining ghost “Yes/No” in the file list (Yes in white, No in gray)


thanks for the warning. i will fix that also