Pokitto Sound Capabilities

i dont know enugh about sound but found this in the documentation preview

Two modes:

1.Synth (based on my rboy tracker)
-3 oscillators
-square, triangle, saw, noise and pulsenoise

  • adsr envelope
  • arpeggio, pitch slides
  1. Gamebuino compatible
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@adekto Thanks for pointing this out. I totally forget to see reference.

@jonne thanks for reply. We already have music tool. It’s awesome.

This is the same synth engine in action on the atmega 328. This tracker will be available at some stage… hmmm … volunteers to design the UI ? in 220x176x4color hires ?


Forgot to say: this tracker reads and writes to the SD card. Means what? Tracking on the go!!!


I can do gui pixelart just send me pallete and concept drawings/bw prototype screenshots…

Hi @Matej. Welcome to Pokitto community
Thanks for your helping hand. I made a basic gui almost half year ago. But last 5 months strange and hard things happened in my life and I can’t finish it. Anyway. I know some bugs in my code. I can fix them if you want to work on it. You can find it here

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Can I put it on chipmusic.org?Also some infos about pokitto…

@NullMember & @Matej : This project is going to be made because it is my personal dream to have a tracker like this.

Over the holidays I was working on DMA (direct memory access) routines that will hopefully free up more power from the Pokitto CPU and allow higher mixing rates. That stuff is on its way into this project.

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@Matej you can :slight_smile:
@jonne I still can not make Synth library work :pensive: Is there any example around there?

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@jonne - And what about audio encoders “Made in Finland?”
, there is VLSI company doing amazing mp3, wave, MIDI etc playback soc VS1053b for example.So there will be sound processor in pokitto like in Sega Dreamcast etc…You send code for playback from cpu and soundcpu will play effect or song…
So CPU will do better graphics (3D or better scrolling, more sprites)… Those chips cost 2-5euro.But kids and geeks will have mp3 player, midi player or pokitto will talk playing wav or playing audio book…


VLSI sound cpus like this (MIDI):

So MIDI sounds like from Japanese game console right?

So I can imagine MIDIhat with MIDI in,out,through…And Pokitto MIDI tracker and kids/musicians will have cool little musical tool…Also in games there will have midi music (there is rf1 midi tracker on PC).Midi files are very tiny.Few kb…

@NullMember - https://chipmusic.org/forums/post/254917/#p254917


Nice post. Here is topic dedicated for Tracker development. You can take and add gifs to your post if you want.

No way!!!

I honestly did not know VLSI was Finnish - 160 km away from here.

@Matej I will so call VLSI next week. Thanks for the chip … i mean tip!

Did you see the other chips they make … SPI RAM buffers with built in NTSC/PAL generators… ooooh


So this could possibly lead to an official accelerated audio processing hat? That’s very exciting!


@jonne - maybe in far future in 2022 when there will be flyings cars and people on Mars they (VLSI) can make one-chip-pokitto for “pokitto 2” (cpu,lcd controller,audio processor,ram,blitter,simple 3d gpu,flash,rom,wifi for mmorpg games…) so price will drop.Like for 5euro or so…So every human and ai robot will be able to have one pokitto2…

@trelemar - maybe audio+tv out gaming/vjing/midi composing hat…

I have already ordered some Yamaha FM synthesis chips, but those are discontinued. VLSI on the other hand has live chips with MIDI.

MIDI hat … :heart_eyes:


I am OPL3 yamaha ymf262 fan too.There is amazing tracker - adlibtracker2 coded by my friend from Slovakia.OPL is best.But those chips are rare.

There is also company in France doing similar chips but with support of uploading own soundsbanks/soundfonts into them.Take a look:https://www.dream.fr
But prices are higher.Also they are more robust, like from gaming soundcard.

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YES!!! A MIDI hat would help Pokitto fit right into my setup.

VS1053B chips ordered. Now, next I will call VLSI


Any news on VLSI chips?