Pokitto Simulator new release

Hello all

New release of Pokitto simulator on Github. Many things to do, but now you have an opportunity to do so much more!

  • palettes, fonts, sound, file functions sources are there for your enjoyment
  • graphics modes core not yet there, because I need to refactor it first, you will get a way of building your own graphics modes in a few days

One functional windows target at the moment, linux coming soon

There is no more hires/low res target, you can choose it from build settings!!

Go to Project->Build options, then #defines tab and change PROJ_HIRES to 0 or 1

You can also choose sound options, startup logo options etc etc


Working Linux target added

Jonne, it’s not building on Manjaro Linux (based on Arch).
I changed the Linker settings, because they are located somewhere else.
Do I need to do something else to?

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Thanks for trying it out. Yep, I see from your compiler error output, that you are running into the min/max problem reported by @krp and @Drakker.

The problem comes from min/max becoming a part of the standard library in GCC versions 6 and above. I have not yet found a satisfactory solution to it.

EDIT: go to project build options, and then to the tab #defines



at the end of the defines and see if that changes the outcome

Works great on ubuntu 14.04. There are quite a few warnings. Let us know when it is a good time to send cleanup PRs on github.

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Adding this worked.
=== Build finished: 0 error(s), 53 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 17 second(s) ===

PRs more than welcome, you can start putting them in any time