Pokitto Simulator first release - try programming the Pokitto for yourself!

Hello all

Here it is, your first chance to program the Pokitto.

I would like to remind you that this is a development tool that is released very early (6 days into the Kickstarter). It was not intended in this form for public consumption. But you wanted it and here it is.

STEP 1 - Installing the Code::Blocks Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  1. Download the free Code::Blocks. Code::Blocks is an IDE. An IDE is like Microsoft Word for programmers. With Word, you write text. With an IDE, you write code. You can learn more at codeblocks.org

This is a direct link to the correct version of the Code::Blocks program (Windows mingw 16.01) coming from a trustworthy site (SourceForge)


I recommend installing using default settings!

Step 2. Download and Unzip the poksim.zip from Pokitto.com server

This package contains the Pokitto Simulator project and all the necessary SDL2 libraries needed to compile your own programs and run them. The package has been checked with https://www.virustotal.com/ *(55 reporting clean, Ikarus reports a false positive. All the executables checked separately raises no alarms - therefore Ikarus is mistaking a non-executable file as virus. I have noticed this tendency with Ikarus before.)

Link to the poksim.zip:

Extract the zip file anywhere you want.

Step 3. Open project file in Code::Blocks

Click File-Open in Code::Blocks. Navigate to where you extracted poksim.zip.

Open file Pokitto_sim.cpb under directory POKITTO_SIM

.cbp files are Code::Blocks project files. They contain the source and settings of an entire project.

You are ready

Now you can change the text “Hello World” to something else, press CTRL-F11 to rebuild and CTRL-F10 to run the program.


This release is as simple as possible. The library was compiled for the 110x88 16 color mode. This release does not contain the entire source code, instead it has a pre-compiled static library.

When we see that things work and move ahead and have more time to support you all, we will release more and more functionality and source code.


It’s awesome news. Thanks

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Can’t wait to dig in and see what this is all about!

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I hope this release can keep you all occupied for a while. We need to concentrate on communication now, the rate of backers is dropping on Kickstarter and we need to pick up some speed by communicating more.

Ok we got first report from someone who couldn’t get it to run. Lets see if others have the same problem.

If you have difficulties, report here.

I see “pokitto_setting.h” not found error several times and corrected every file included this header.

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Thanks. I need to check the include paths

Found the error, fixing it now

EDIT: mistake in include directory

New poksim.zip uploaded

Problem was a faulty include path. Thanks @olli and @nullmember for quick feedback

@NullMember Are you running?

I’m not downloaded new version. Testing our pong game. Give me a minute i try new one.

Edit: New simulator files works without error. Thanks @jonne for your hard work

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Thanks! Very happy now :sweat_smile:

What a commitment from @jonne and backing everybody back! :wink:

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If I try to move the simulator window, it grows then the program crashes.
Does anyone else get this?

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I have never come across such a crash. Let me try to replicate that on another machine

Will ever be planned a Linux version of the simulator?

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@DanyCork74 Yes! Both SDL2 and Code::Blocks are very platform independent. Linux version should not be a massive amount of work. The simulator will be opensourced as well in the near future (certainly before Pokittos ship) and I think by then we will have a linux version also.

@spinal [quote=“spinal, post:14, topic:156, full:true”]
If I try to move the simulator window, it grows then the program crashes.
Does anyone else get this?

I can not replicate this issue. I’m on a Windows 10 64-bit machine.

What is your PC setup?

I’m tried too. Windows 10 x64. Everything is fine.

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fine here (win7, x64) , thanks!