Pokitto needs

Just games that would be fun on pokitto, like
Colossal cave adventure type game
Donkey Kong like game
Basically the 2600 games lol.

Moon buggy test demo.


Let me keep my wish list here (I’ll possibly keep editing games in):

  • Crash Bandicoot clone (raycasting or 2D such as the GBA version)
  • Greed (easy, beginner friendly!)
  • Bomberman clone (my PC game’s resources could be heavily reused)
  • Trackmania clone (just speedrun focused racing)
  • Powdertoy
  • Elastomania clone (or an infinite runner like Hillclimb Racing)
  • Neverball (technical challenge)
  • GTA clone (raycasting or top-down like the early GTAs)
  • Portal clone (raycasting or 2D)
  • Frozen Bubble
  • dungen crawler (like Legend of Grimrock)
  • The Elder Scrolls clone (raycasting Daggerfall style, or even top-down 2D), or another epic RPG (Diablo clone, …)
  • 3D fractal explorer (dunno if even possible)
  • Lemmings clone
  • The Sims clone
  • raycasting shooter (Doom clone, Arena shooter, …)
  • Minecraft/Minetest raycasting clone
  • Advance Wars clone (one is in progress, but different takes are possible)
  • Pokémon clone (in progress)
  • Tamagotchi clone

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Time Pilot
river raid

We could port @filmote’s 1943 from Arduboy.


Here is an idea, Is conways game of life on pokitto?

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Lol there isn’t one? That’s one of the first thing that should be made.

Can we make it more advanced? Like:

  • zooming and variable time speed, like this
  • infinite grid
  • color, cells fading out
  • rewinding forward and backward
  • pattern database
  • save/load/export
  • ???

I’d try to do it if I didn’t have so many projects already :frowning:


Oh you mean you want to do it? It wouldn’t be difficult without the advanced stuff, it can probably be golfed on a single line in many languages. Could be a good started project I think.

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From this I got an idea for random art generation experiment that could be done on Pokitto:

  • Have screen be the canvas.
  • Program a few painters. Each painter is an agent that is put on the canvas, can move by pixels, has an own intelligence, can interact with other painters and paints pixels on the canvas. A painter can for example draw spirals over everything, or they can move randomly and invert pixels they step on, they can run away from other painters or teleport them etc.
  • Now put let’s say 10 painters on the canvas and watch them make art.


Oh and painters can spawn other painters. This would allow L-Systems/fractals. Each painter would have to have an optional time to live in this case (and some other constructor parameters of course).

Also the communication between painters should probably be implemented by sending messages/signals via some intermediate sender and letting painters handle the message alone, like interprocess communication in Unix. Painters shouldn’t call methods of other painters directly, that could lead to problems like infinite recursion etc.

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And afterwards we can find out if it’s valid Brainloller (thanks LodeV) :P

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Want, just want.

And save to sd card