Pokitto mugs & t-shirts!


Go check it out!

  1. not 100% sure if payment works yet, you can try, there is no risk (IRS application pending, it means the payment will be witheld from Pokitto Oy until approved, should nor affect you the buyer)
  2. any feedback is welcome (ideas, wishes)
  3. yes, the price is quite high. But this is due to Zazzle and the logistics. Pokitto ltd gets 3-5$ from the products, which helps us a bit and is the real purpose of doing this (and giving you all an opportunity for fan gear!)


Integrated to Pokitto shop pages from Printful!


Ui that looks cool. Maybe i can pick up something in a few months (have just spent some money in my NES collection and my husband thinks i am weird already😆).


@jonne, this is a merchandise shop by Spreadshirt for Finnish “Nelinpeli” podcast. The mugs seem to be about 5 euros cheaper that in Zazzle.


Thanks! I was looking for better alternatives to Zazzle


Yay!!! We have Printful <-> Pokitto shop integration … and it actually works!



Very good, the price is reasonable too, now if we just could have the “Finnish-techno-lol-gy” design there as well :slight_smile:


I am going to add more products now that I got it working


They’re available here


This Printful integration to woocommerce is very cool. We have first orders and it works like a dream so far!