Pokitto Magazine Update (09/06/2019)

This is a quick update to the status of the magazine.

The due date coming up set for the 15th will need to be pushed back a bit. This is to allow more time for contributors to collect and complete their contributions.

So! Current list of items:
If you’d like to contribute something, here is The contributor Questionnaire

  • @Hanski: Getting Started with Python Editor :white_check_mark:

  • @spinal: Noggin history and strategy guide :white_check_mark:

  • @HomineLudens: A post mortem about the making of “Abbayes de Morts” for Pokitto :white_check_mark:

  • @jpfli: Bicycle speedometer. :white_check_mark:

  • @drummyfish An article, probably about licensing and free culture concepts. :white_check_mark:

  • @Hanski: Developer interview :white_check_mark:

  • @FManga: Taking Pictures With a Pokitto :white_check_mark:

  • A number of Pokitto photos from here

Pending items:

Again, if there is anyone who would like to share anything in the magazine for fame and glory! (or just for fun) there is still plenty of time! This is already shaping up to be an amazing first issue of a magazine and I am definitely excited to see the outcome :slight_smile:


@torbuntu if I am already with the task of putting together the magazine itself and provide a Pokitto crossword page, I think I will limit my contribution to that. I already don’t have much free time😆

I will maybe contribute an article once the first issue will be done and I won’t have to worry about the layout and structure of the magazine.

@jonne did you had a chance at putting what we talked about on the mag repo? I didn’t have a chance to have access to a computer for a couple days now.


I could help with that if you want.
(I’d need to know how difficult the crossword should be though.)


Thanks for reminding. I’ll do it asap.


Sorry about that! I copied this from the old post. Adjusted :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to thrust everything upon you like that.


there are 2 PSD files in the Pokitto_graphics folder. One is a poster, another one is of the layout. You can get started with the graphics on those layers

I’ll dig out some more gfx when I boot up the other comp

This is sounding really great. I’m glad that the Pokitto is getting a magazine! I was disappointed when the Arduboy magazine stopped publishing, so it’s nice that this community is pulling together to make one. I wish I had something to contribute, but I’ve been really busy recently and I’m not sure what I would add.



what is the situation with the magazine? Any intermediate status info (in addition to the list in the top post), or the publish date estimate?

Not meaning to push you, but I am just eager to get it in my hands :wink:


I just started working on the layout and putting together a draft with your article as example. No date yet.


Unfortunately I doubt I’ll have time to contribute anything particular,
but I have said I’ll help @Vampirics with the crossword.


That’s ok! The crossword will be a great addition :slight_smile: