Pokitto Magazine Issue 2: Article Submissions

I am not sure if I want that. I am kind of liking the “Assasins Creed at 2dpi” look

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If you are going that route I would suggest making the top of the hoodie overlap over the magazine header as if it’s going out of frame at least.

I want some sort of drama in the cover. There is so much flat colour now. Suggestions more than welcome

We need one more person for the editorial work, to help out @torbuntu

Any volunteers?

Edit: maybe 2 people. Naturally paper version of magazine for the ones who volunteer.


What kind of help exactly do you need? I don’t have much time for working on building the magazine like last time but if it’s just reviewing text I can help.

We need your ability to see things. If you can’t / do not have time to draw, give art direction / visions of what you see as art for articles

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Oh I just noticed that there is an article for Kong 2 - How we made it. I am not going to be able to produce another article in the near future as I now have a massive RFI to write for a prospective customer.

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That is just a mockup of the cover.

Yes, you are right.

I had a horrible feeling I had committed something that I might have to renege on!

Ok, that means if I have a picture that will be two inches (about 5 cm) wide on the paper magazine, the image should be 600 pixels wide. If a have a pixel graphics image, is it a good idea to pre-zoom it up to 300dpi? I suspect that if I let the publishing SW to do upscaling, it will use some filtering and unnecessarily smooths the pixels.

10cm wide at 300dpi is 1181px

Generally that is the recommended approach for pixel art. I encountered that when printing the walkthrough for my Shattered Lands game for the Arduboy.

Its a must. Use “nearest neighbour” setting for scaling (no blurring)

But, if you do not have the necessary image editing tools, I can take care of it as long as I have the original 1:1 image.


Please make sure you ALSO include the original 1:1 pixel image when you submit, because then we can adjust the layout as needed.


I thought the same. If the publising sw just tweak the dimensions even a bit, I would blur the image.

Delivered my article! :sweat: :smiley: :grimacing:

Btw. I used 11 pixel font in normal text and code examples


It is great! Thanks for submitting :smiley:

Update on Deadlines

Since we want this to be released soon, as in next Month hopefully, we will need the submissions finalized in the coming week.

In that regard:

Submissions Deadline: June 28

This is a “soft” deadline, in that we really want everything in by then, however if folks run into an issue where it would be a day or two late then that is acceptable as well.

This leaves 1 week until we need to start finalizing everything. So lets get that content in! Magazines finalized (I’m guilty), Photobooth entries! and any other content folks would like to submit for the epic second issue of Pokitto Magazine #2!

(I also posted this to the top initial post for visibility.)


Let me just say that based on the articles we have so far, this is going to be a very interesting mag indeed!



Roughly 2/3 of the magazine is done and its looking very very nice so far