Pokitto Magazine, issue 1: Feedback


You should add a section to each new issue with each time a small part about the history of the Pokitto. Or write a book about it :slight_smile:


Look, what my family just brought me to hospital!
Thanks a lot


Glad you like it! Hope you are ok?


Thanks! The magazine has a wonderful quality and a lot of great articles. I love it.
Well, it depends. I suffer from diabetes, arthrosis and bone loss, but i get a lot of support and help here😉


On the bright side, maybe some of the other patients will ask about the Pokitto when they see what you’re reading, then you can enlighten them and perhaps earn the Pokitto a few more fans. :P

Also, by some miracle I managed to remember that the German word for ‘sick’/‘unwell’ is ‘krank’,
so my time spent in secondary school wasn’t a total waste after all!
Unfortunately @Vampirics got there first so I didn’t have chance to ask “du bist krank?” :P

In case anyone else is wondering what “arthrosis” is,
the more common name for it is “osteoarthritis”.


:wink: Thanks!
Well, most people here think i am the funny one already, maybe they will talk to me about pokitto, who knows :woman_shrugging: :laughing:
Yes „krank“ is the right word - „chronisch krank“.
Maybe i am in the line if we ever have something like bionic bones :wink:


Unfortunately I can’t help with that one,
but if you ever lose an arm then I know who to point you to. :P


In pokitto HQ, What did you use Chicken broth for?