Pokitto Magazine, issue 1: ERRATUM


Please add here any typos etc. you find in the issue so we can start fixing those.


Level 2 crossword, #3: “Where function return addresses are stored” answer r14 does not fit. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the editors forward to the magazine, “Abbaye” is misspelled “Abaye”

The editors forward also mentions an article that accidentally missed the shipping date and should have the mention removed. (Planning the article to be in issue 2)


On page 24: … (look at the entries here)…
I suppose ‘here’ should have been a hyperlink?

On page 25: handled should be handheld


In the “The More You Know” article, some of the captions for the pictures have a period after “Pic.” and others don’t (“Pic”).

On page 5: “…you can find the reference here: Python language” and “The uPyGame reference is here” probably were intended to be hyperlinks.

On page 6, there’s quotes missing before the bullet point labeled Print FPS.

Page 10, “Pokitto, and embedded console” -> “Pokitto, an embedded console”

Page 36, “Emulato” -> “Emulator”

Thanks for the great magazine, typos don’t detract from its accomplishments!


Thank you @wuuff

I just fixed everything posted here and some more as well.


Because of the paper version, the http-address could be visible in the links.