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I’d like to extend an open invitation for submissions of pokitto related art and photos! Be it screenshots from your projects or code, or even photos of your hardware projects or just a nice portrait of your pokitto!

Submission deadline is coming June 15th, so plenty of time to make some fun shots :wink:




These are amazing!!



3D printed Lego-compatible Mini-Pokitto keychain:

Mini-Pokitto’s face is “photoshopped”. At the place where I printed this, there is also a vinyl cutter. I have never tried it but I guess it would be possible to print the face with it.


That looks awesome!


I really like seeing 3D printed lego-compatible things.
3D printing some lego-compatible stuff is something I’ve always wanted to try doing but never got round to.


I hope it’s not too self-promoting, but here’s a photo of my Pokitto with a preview of my long-overdue update to Planet Escape. I still haven’t implemented combat, which is what I’m waiting to finish before I post another update.


Self promoting is totally fine :smiley: This looks great! I love that game too. Added to the repo :slight_smile:


“No more coffee for that little guy with a hat!”


Never saw a handheld with so much personality. :+1:



That is great :smile:!!


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… This is amazing. XD

Also, here is a screenshot from my current WIP to get the thread back on track. :stuck_out_tongue: