Pokitto library / offline IDE and Simulator will be synced into one codebase

For your information:

in case you are worried that you are doing work that will be discarded / lost when working in the mbed cloud, do not be worried. I have planned this (and tested in principle) a long time ago:

  • mbed PokittoLib will be cloned and synced to a github repository very soon
  • changes & improvements community has made in the PokittoSim will be merged into PokittoLib git repository
  • PokittoSim core will be a subrepository of PokittoLib. Only the Sim parts will be added

The end result will be as follows:

  • PokittoLib in mbed, on github and inside PokittoSim will be 1 codebase and changes will happen throughout the system
  • you can work on the same codebase in mbed cloud, offline using ARMGCC and EmBitz, and as a simulator on Code::Blocks
  • one API for everything

This is how i have developed the system, I know it works. I will have it set up within a few days, within a week latest.

I have already added many people to the Pokitto Community Team on mbed - you should have access to change the PokittoLib internals and make commits if needed.