Pokitto Kickstarter Marketing Ideas

Let’s face it: Pokitto is not getting the attention it deserves!

Anyone has ideas on how we can get the word out there or how it can get more attention? I don’t think just sharing with our friends alone is sufficient.

An idea I have:
Have a Kickstarter-exclusive pledge level for Pokitto (Eg. Saving 20% off actual RP). This will encourage more people to back the Pokitto now instead of waiting for it to be on sale elsewhere.

Let’s help the Pokitto get more backers!

It would be great if a cool TV channel as Nolife in France talks about Pokitto. Maybe you should contact them. They do a lot of good things about video games. (Game One is good too)

Facebook ads usually work pretty well, and are pretty cheap to implement. In my experience, quick little videos of gameplay footage and closeup pans of hardware will get people interested for sure. Targeted ads to people interested in games, retro gaming, geek/nerd culture, hardware hacking, arduino, etc. It’s not that there aren’t thousand and thousands of people who would LOVE the pokitto, it’s that they aren’t being targeted and don’t know about it yet, that’s all.

Sharing with friends and family is fine, BUT, most of my friends aren’t all that interested in gadgets like the pokitto, the ones into games are more into current gen consoles than anything (as much as I try to convince them otherwise hahaha)

thing that usually works is reviews, but sending those out now and people making videos, writing articles will be a bit late right now, trying to talk to retro reviewers on youtube might work some do kickstarter overviews and give there opinion.
emailing press directly is also a thing that might help but its probebly a bit to low end.
strange idea would be to contact lego blogs or similar since it has some relevance, its the right target

on the development side, a game jam could get allot of people interested

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A gamejam is a good idea, but it would need to be hosted by someone with some following to really make an impact.

Thank you @dieneryn and @pixelplatforms and others for trying to boost the Pokitto Kickstrarter campaign, and figure out how we could reach even more potential backers. We are working hard with the different social media channels, but try to avoid spamming. We have also sent direct press releases, which some have been published online, but not all. We will try to reach as many as possible. Comparing the campaign with others gives us of course an indication of what volumes / backers could be reachable. Let’s hope we can attract the same attention in the remaining days. We hope you keep up the good work in sharing and spreading the Pokitto news. Thank you all!

Thanks @JuiceLizard for the tip. I have contacted the French Nolife TV channel. Let’s see if they are interested in covering the story about Pokitto.

@adekto we have contacted many press contacts, but the success rate is not very high. E-magazines have covered the press releases. Thanks for all the suggestions. We really appreciate all the efforts and time you spend to spread the Pokitto news! We will have new press releases shortly, and many upcoming stories from Maker Fair San Francisco etc. Let’s have fun and share the news from @jonne.

Maybe you could do an article that we will publish on our blog www.ljsf.fr ? I already published something in it about Arduboy, Gamebuino and Kitco.

I want to thank everyone for taking this topic up. I also feel that for what it is, Pokitto is getting very little attention.

I am on my way to Maker Faire Bay Area, and the Kickstarter was designed to run over and a week from the end of the event. If Bay Area is anything like the MF Rome event, we will have lots and lots of people at the stand. Hopefully many of them will sign up as backers, I have made neat stickers with a bitly link to the Kickstarter


@JuiceLizard would you need the article to be in French? My French is so bad that maybe @jonne could write the article for your blog. Are there any limits in length and how do you wish us submit the article to you. Thank you for this opportunity.

You can write in english and I will translate for a french version if it is necessary. I don’t think there is any lenght limitation as some articles in our blog are already quite long. You could send us e-mails with the text inside and we will put it in the blog. Pictures are welcome too, and I think video are doable if they are already on Youtube or Dailymotion (not sure). They could maybe be added with links or something like that. I just sent an e-mail to my friend who rules the blog (it is not mine) but she will probably agree with you to add an article about Pokitto. I’ll tell you if it is canceled.

Maybe you should try with that other french blog : www.open-consoles-news.fr

I just sent a message to the french blog http://www.journaldugeek.com, I don’t know if they will talk about Pokitto or not. Maybe…

are there any english blogs like this?

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@adekto @Initgraph @JuiceLizard Really appreciate it! Thanks!

You can try liliputing.com, they covered other open source consoles before.

If Pokitto appears in www.polygon.com , it would be fantastic!

I know https://www.engadget.com that is something similar in English

Hey, if you want to help out you can spread the word and send this latest press release to your local media. http://www.pokitto.com/press/
Thank you all! @jonne will be keeping us posted on the MakerFaire event where people can play with the brand new Pokitto. If you are near San Francisco you can see the product and meet Jonne.