Pokitto JoyHat


In my mind it has to include the prefix “MEGA” or “SUPER”

Such as…the MEGA Pokitto or as a suffix…Pokitto J’stick MEGA



I beg to differ :P
(Turn your volume down before clicking on the link if you value your hearing.)

I like the ‘Jstick’ part. Sounds more original.


I stand corrected: tiny cellphone speaker diaphragms don’t have the necessary mass to vibrate that much. :stuck_out_tongue:


it has to be more modern like “PokittoXs + MAX Note one pro”

i would personaly like to go more on the hat theme if its just a little more rounder in the corner it almoust looks like a bowler hat


I guess…but there’s no school like the old skool :sunglasses:

SUPER Pokitto MEGA j’stick :joy:


SUPER Pokitto MEGA X j’stick 2000.


For reference, if someone is interested, this is the “reference size” of a typical pokitto hat PCB from now on. All measurements in mm.

Note 2 mm holes in corners for fixing PCB.


@adekto : I understand your point, I really do. But (and there is always a but) :slight_smile:

  1. deciding how to wire the ESP-01 (the enable lines, program lines etc) actually takes time (so that I do not conflict anything else)
  2. I am working on this under a very tight timeline. I want this hat ready within 3 weeks. I need to order PCBs ASAP. So any additional complication can only be done at a later stage
  3. I have wired an ESP8266 to Pokitto. The problem is the power. The ESP8266 draws alot of power when making contact to wi-fi. Even if you wire it, you still need additional components to smooth out the current peaks. And those components take additional design yet again.

But what I can promise is that I will make a “prototype hat” PCB that has the basic connetions and a matrix of traces so you can easily build on top of that.


Alright…you win :slight_smile:

Hehe :joy::+1:


We need one of these for the Arduboy too.
I can’t remember who it was but someone was asking for that a long time ago.
(I remember taking rough measurements with a ruler.)

Should I stick it on the ‘todo’ list or have you got them to hand?

So in other words a breadboard hat?

Or would it need soldering?



(sorry if something suggested did not get included. I want to get this done fast)


I ordered from them. The system is really excellent and the cost was cheap.

So thanks for the tip


Vibration motor sample arrived


it looks kind of cute actually, that motor


Yea, you have to be careful not to put too much force feedback. It will knock you off the chair!


Yeah! Best not to overuse the “Who’s a good boy?”


I can’t remember what pins I used for the rumble in ‘sensitive’ I might have to update it :sunglasses:


Pcbs arrived for the hats!


I’m so jelly of your mail system. :sob:


Time for components.