Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


oh yea theres probebly some slight optimization posible there is u draw that scranline yourself keeping the spi line open til all the scans are done end, i recal direct tile draw or something had the screen update in portait scanlines so thats probebly what you want, you can even make those custom “windows” so you can have a healthbar or something on the botem without overwriting that during the raycaysting phase

(sorry if i dont make allot of sence)


I am personally happy with the 256 colors (when I was young all I had was 16 colors and I remember dreaming of 256, so I’m enjoying it now very much) – the limitation shows on the floor/ceiling, but I guess it’s not that bad – I’m more interested in increasing performance now. Seeing the optimization techniques you guys apply at assembly level makes me jelly I lack that skill :slight_smile: Until now I never really cared about performance much since I programmed for the PC, so I probably have big inefficiencies somewhere. On the other hand I surpassed the Wolfenstein demo FPS already by a lot, so that’s good.

Also I got bugs to fix. I keep finding and making new ones, so that slows me down too. And I’d like to add code for calculating movement into my library too, which won’t be trivial when you take into account floor height, ceilings, stair steps, gravity, possibly inertia etc. I can see many bugs on the horizon :slight_smile:


Currently putting some nice sprite at the map:


If you’re wondering where I got the sprites and all the textures from BTW, they’re from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup collection – huge collection of 32x32 beautiful art, all CC0.


That is amazing resource of free graphics! I need to try some tile textures in my PZero, there are even animated ones :slight_smile:


looks amazing, never would i think this was posible with this good a framerate, realy wonder how far it can be pushed, do you think it could handle if you doubled one axis of the screen size to get like more scan detail?
(screen would be 220x88, drawing in 2 steps probebly)


I know, right? :slight_smile: I have a lot more in my personal favorites.

You noticed correctly it’s only half resolution in X direction :slight_smile: Y direction is full 88 rows. It shows a lot on the textures but greatly increases performace… if I undo this it’s too unplayable. But again, if you e.g. turn off texturing and ceilings, you might be able to do it. Without textures BTW this subsampling almost can’t be noticed as the walls are just a continuous color and if they’re not in a sharp agle, there is no pixelization either.

Basically my goal is to provide an engine that offers a lot of options – you can’t take all at once because of the performace, but you can choose the ones that suit your game – e.g. someone wants a big view distance but doesn’t need shading, someone else needs textures but doesn’t need ceilings, someone wants a big resolution but doesn’t need textures etc. I’d like the textured floor to be an option too eventually.


oh in that case you could you drawing scans twice right now on the mode13 buffer or did you create a custom buffer that is half the size? that could gain a few more cycles


You were right of course, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean, but it’s not that the whole display is half resolution in X – it’s just that for each two column pixels only one ray is cast, but e.g. sprites are drawn in full resolution, GUI will be too etc.

If you have ideas about optimization and want to try them out, you can – the code is here. I am not so good at it, but if you manage to raise the FPS, just send me the code and I’ll patch it in :slight_smile:


oh ok wel that would gained some performance, but with the sprites then i dont have easy solution.
if your gui something like doom or wolfenstein (botter of screen) you could do the split screen mode and even use direct draw there only updating what needs to be updated and it can be in high resolution aswell


Ooooh that look amazing!!

Let’s make a The Pokitto Scrolls - Arena haha

In an actual game, we’d probably use the side of the screen for the UI, so that might increase FPS a bit


Exactly what I’ve been thinking :slight_smile:

I’ve started implementing camera collisions and added some nicer textures:


Also sorry for the multimedia spam, I like having the evolution documented somewhere :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing a .bin of what you have so far? I have someone that would love to see this running on actual hardware.


np, here it is :slight_smile:

firmware.bin (61.8 KB)

(source is also available somewhere above if you search)


Wow it really should be turned into a Pokitto Scrolls Arena if possible. It’s running quite smoothly already.


I’ve had a really tough week. These projects and the cool stuff that you guys are making helps to keep me going, even though I haven’t been able to help/take part much. Thanks!



I just had a chance to try your Pokitto Scrolls Arena on the hardware.

Amazing. Truly.

I award you with our 2nd level wizardry badge.



2nd level already :scream: So cool! Thank you :slight_smile:


fake look up/down:



I so want to see this game.

Let’s get cracking. Whaddaya need ? Sprites? UI? Story?

I’ll make tea and sandwiches, everybody let’s get this incredible project running.


I wanna finish it ASAP so that people can unleash their creativity! :slight_smile:

Really I’d love to see what people create. I could try to make my own game as well. You shouldn’t have mentioned the story though, now I won’t be sleeping all night thinking about an RPG story :expressionless: Maybe it could be something like TES Shadowkey:


Any chance of lightmapping?