Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


Little Pokitto people Battle Chess would be unreal!


Ah, Archon. I loved that game on the NES.
“Chess” and “Action” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:


I like backgammon as well. When you lose in backgammon, you can always blame it on bad dice rolls… in chess you simply have to admit you were dumber than the opponent :smile:


My father-in-law introduced me to Backgammon. Was a life changer. Would a Pokitto Board Game Collection be a fun thing? :smiley:


No no, Unreal is a entirely different game :joy:


I doubt you could fit a powerful enough backgammon opponent in a Pokitto.


Turn based multiplayer?


“Silicon valley opoly” for the pokitto,
I once worked on a Silicon valley based version of Magic the Gathering, with the colors being developers, apple, microsoft, linux, ect

if there are ports ,I should suggest only classic pre NES games, like C64, Atari, sinclair, bbc micro ect


bit late but this reminded me of this


This is a nice game!
I was wondering does the pico-8 only has limitations in terms of available size or does it also have limitations in terms of processor speed?


Anyone thought of a Microcity Arduboy remake for the Pokitto? Obviously we cant do Cats and Coins as that’s for the Gamebuino but a game like it?


If you want, I could ask JHHoward if he’s happy with me using the Arduboy2 library port that I’m working on to port it to Pokitto?

Depending on how many of the obscure Arduino rules the game relies on, it would probably take somewhere between a few minutes to a few hours to port.
(Unless it has sound, in which case the sound can’t be ported yet.)


Why can’t you port cats? Some crazy French law?


yeah!! have you played Microcity yet? I forgot Cats and Coins is still just a work in progress, but if we could do a similar project, that would be sweeeeet!


@drummyfish- MicroTD looks cool! https://community.arduboy.com/t/microtd-tower-defense-for-arduboy/6223

You guys seen this before? Mini RTS? https://twitter.com/alxmdev/status/981664096733966336


Thanks, I’d like to port MicroTD, but I’ll wait for @Pharap’s Arduboy library to be finished. Then it can be just a few minute’s work. If anyone wants to create a tower defense, please take inspiration in this – it is a FOSS tower defense game that however takes a new approach, similar to Factorio. Very addictive.